Sideline Report: Baron Batch

With the graduation of Running Back Taurean Henderson, there is a huge hole to be filled in the Texas Tech offense. Baron Batch, a true freshman RB from Midland, Texas, looks to be one of the players that has an opportunity to fill this void. staff writer Mitchell Fish got on the phone with Baron to find out about how his summer at Tech is going.

RP: What made you choose Tech over the other schools that offered you?

Batch: I had been committed to Tech for over a year and felt really comfortable at that point

RP: What number do you want to wear?

Batch: I have no idea. I am not sure, my high school number was 21 but I really don’t know.

RP: Looks like you have a little competition for 21, with it being Shannon Woods’ number right now.

Batch: Oh, that’s right, Shannon is 21 isn’t he?

RP: Yes, he is. How are you and Shannon getting along?

Batch: We are getting along alright.

RP: A little friendly competition between the two of you?

Batch: Yeah.

RP: Who was your favorite running back as a kid? Was it Jim Brown, Emmitt Smith…

Batch: I really don’t know. I would have to say Marshall Faulk.

RP: When did you start playing football?

Batch: I started playing in the 7th grade.

RP: What was the first position that you played?

Batch: Running back.

RP: So you have always been a running back?

Batch: Yeah, I like that position a lot.

RP: What position would you play if you weren’t a running back?

Batch: Safety. I played safety in Junior High and it’s a fun position; get to make big hits and stuff. But you don’t get to score a lot on defense.

RP: So it’s more fun to score than stop the other guy from scoring?

Batch: Definitely.

RP: Do you know what you want to study at Tech, or are you just planning to get through your first year and then see what peaks your interest?

Batch: Yeah, I don’t really know right now. Maybe Architecture, but I am not really sure.

RP: Where do you see yourself in the running back mix? Shannon Woods is back after spending last season as the primary back-up to Taurean Henderson, Taurance Rawls is back from surgery, and Kobey Lewis had a good spring as did Pete Richardson. Where do you think that you fit into all of this?

Batch: I can’t really put myself ahead of anyone right now. At the moment I am dead last on the depth chart and I just want to have the chance to prove myself and show what I can do. I haven’t proven anything right now and I just want the opportunity.

RP: How do you and the other freshman get along?

Batch: Oh, we get along great. We hang out all the time. Right now, I am rooming with Mike Crabtree, Dimitri Lott, and Sean Estelle.

RP: How important is early playing time? Do you want to see the field significantly this year or are you willing to redshirt and then come on strong next year?

Batch: I just really want to get the chance to show my skills. If it comes down to redshirting, the coaches know best, but I think that I have the skills and talent to make some plays for Tech this season.

RP: Would you like to maybe return punts and kicks?

Batch: Oh yeah, just getting the chance is what I want.

RP: What do you think of Coach Leach’s offense? He has been called the “Mad Scientist,” “Pass Happy,” and “Pass-Wacky” as his teams put up huge offensive numbers. However, the running backs aren’t rushing for a thousand yards or more in a season. What do you think about that?

Batch: It’s all about productivity. Taurean had a lot of touchdowns and was very productive. You aren’t going to run the ball 30 times a game, but you might get 30 touches between passes caught and rushing the ball. As long as you are getting yards, you are being productive.

RP: How are you as a receiver?

Batch: I am decent at the moment, but I do need to work on it. Right now I am okay, but to be where I want to be, I need a lot more practice.

RP: What sort of an impact do you want to have at Tech this year?

Batch: Like I said, I think that I have enough ability to help a lot this year. Shannon and Kobey are great running backs, but as long as I get to see the field, I am happy.

RP: How do you see Tech doing as a team this year?

Batch: Right now, we are working really hard. It’s difficult for me, because I haven’t seen anything and I just graduated from high school. So, I can’t say much about the team, but it looks good.

RP: Who are you most looking forward to competing against?

Batch: Oh man, every time that I think about competing against Texas, OU, and A&M, I am amazed. I just want to have an impact and make plays.

RP: Have you noticed a difference between your high school off-season and the one that you are going through now at Tech?

Batch: Not really, I put a lot of work in to get here, so it isn’t that big of a change.

RP: What is your favorite pre-game meal? Dwayne Slay had shrimp fried rice; do you have a special meal?

Batch: I don’t really have one. I’ll eat nearly anything, but I eat a lot of pasta and stuff like that. The carbohydrates are important, so I guess that is what I eat, but there isn’t really a ritual meal that I eat.

RP: Both the staff at and the posters were very excited when you signed your Letter of Intent with TTU, and we are even more excited that you are on campus for us now. Expectations are very high among Tech fans, but what are your expectations of yourself for this coming season?

Batch: All I can do is work as hard as I can. I know that I have been working hard enough to see the field. Shannon is a good back, and if it comes down to splitting time with him, that is okay, but I just really want to make an impact anywhere that I can. Who sees the field is really all up to Coach Littrell, but all that I can do is just work as hard as I can and show people what I am capable of.

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