Changes at Jones Stadium

First it was the new brick wall surrounding the playing field, then the removal of the 24" crown, and the time has finally come for the new field turf to be completed. The entire football field has been covered with the new playing surface and only a few things are left to complete the project. Here is a photo gallery showing the progress that has been made at Jones AT&T Stadium.

The new field turf
334472.jpg (800 bytes)

Stairs leading down to the field for the band
334473.jpg (800 bytes)

Workers installing the new stone
334474.jpg (800 bytes)

Another installation picture
334475.jpg (800 bytes)


The stone on the other side of the field

334476.jpg (800 bytes)

Close up of the field turf surface
334477.jpg (800 bytes)


Extra turf that was trimmed off
334479.jpg (800 bytes)


The logos that will be stitched on the field
334480.jpg (800 bytes)

You can see the red and black on one of the logos
334481.jpg (800 bytes)

Sand that will be placed on the playing surface
334482.jpg (800 bytes)

Bags of rubber pellets that will be placed on top of the sand
334483.jpg (800 bytes)

The railings will all be painted beige instead of silver
334484.jpg (800 bytes)

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