Saturday Practice Report was out at the Red Raiders' Saturday practice to witness some interesting developments. There were a few surprises in the players that weren't practicing, as well as several impressive and startling perfomances. Also, RaiderPower offers our congratulations to the Red Raiders who graduated today. Come inside to find out more.

Fall Practice Report #6/7


Graham Harrell had a tough day, which was very unlike his usual top form.  Harrell had many passes dropped and deflected today, which contributed to his lowered completion percentage.  Graham's interception came on a bobbled catch by Chris Cunigan that floated high in the air until Daniel Charbonnet came under it for the INT. I fully expect Graham to rebound tomorrow.

Chris Todd outperformed Graham for the first time in Fall practice.  Chris had a beautiful touchdown pass to Baron Batch, and did an excellent job finding the open men in the end zone.  Todd's INT also came on a dropped catch by Danny Amendola that flew right into the waiting arms of Lance Fuller.  Still, Chris Todd had a solid afternoon.

Taylor Potts saw limited action today.  Christian Sterling was wearing a white instead of blue jersey today, which indicates that he is becoming a full-time receiver.  We have also learned that Derek Shaw is expected to arrive shortly, so we at RaiderPower will keep you apprised.

Passing Statistics:

Harrell 13-25, 103 yards, 2 TD, INT

Todd 16-22, 127 yards, 3 TD, INT

Running Backs

Baron Batch continues to impress.  Batch fights his hardest for every yard, and is not afraid of any hit.  Baron also had success blocking today, and proved to be a real receiving threat.  With Pete Richardson moved to the secondary, it appears that Batch will likely not redshirt.  Shannon Woods was working hard as well this afternoon, but did not have the success that Batch did.  Kobey Lewis' playing time this afternoon was very limited, and he may be close to being jumped on the depth chart by Baron Batch.

Full Scrimmage Statistics:

Shannon Woods: 4 rushes for 10 yards; 1 catch for 8 yards

Baron Batch: 2 rushes for 2 yards, 3 catches for 40 yards, TD

Kobey Lewis: 2 rushes for 14 yards

Wide Receivers

In a bit of unfortunate news, Joel Filani was out of pads today following a slight knee injury suffered during Friday's practice.  Also, Jarrett Hicks was mysteriously absent from practice today.  Robert Johnson was the big star in their absence, making one particularly great catch in the end zone that got the crowd fired up.  Todd Walker finally had his first strong outing after a few quiet days of practice.  Landon Hoefer also had a big afternoon, proving once again that our receiving corps has ridiculous depth that can step up if necessary.  Michael Crabtree keeps playing far better than a Freshman receiver should.  Crabtree has eased his way into the second-string Z receiver spot.  Chris Cunigan had some trouble with his hands today, dropping two passes.  The unit still did well, but hopefully the receiving corps returns to full strength with Hicks and Filani soon.

Cumulative Practice Statistics:

Robert Johnson: 5 catches for 43 yards, 2 TD

Todd Walker: 3 catches for 34 yards, TD

Landon Hoefer: 4 catches for 32 yards

Michael Crabtree: 3 catches for 20 yards, TD; 1 catch for -2 yards

Eric Morris: 1 catch for 15 yards

Chris Cunigan: 3 catches for 11 yards

Danny Amendola: 3 catches for 7 yards

Grant Walker: 1 catch for 6 yards

Adrian Reese: 1 catch for 6 yards

L.A. Reed: 1 catch for 3 yards

Offensive Line

Before you ask, yes, Ofa Mohetau and Louis Vasquez were both at practice.  Ofa had a big day, showing off his strength on multiple occasions.  Chris Olson continues to get time at the second-string LT spot.  Glenn January had another strong outing.  Marlon Winn did very well in the 11-on-11 drill, and shows serious promise for the future.  Brandon Carter had his ankle wrapped up today following the injury yesterday.  Stephen Hamby is the underrated contributor of the group, and also may be a large part of the Red Raider's future Offensive Line success.

Defensive Line

The defensive line continues to be very impressive, which is great to see, considering we lost two players here before Fall practice even started.  Tyler Yenzer recorded two sacks today, and is pushing for some significant playing time.  Jake Ratliff is coming into his own at defensive end, disrupting a screen pass with his awareness.  Keyunta Dawson just seems to disrupt every single play with his presence.  He's that good.  Chris Hudler and Ken Scott did an excellent job, making several goal-line stands on the day.  Dan'tay Ward had a nice tackle on Baron Batch to finish off the day's practice and cap off a great performance by the unit.


The linebackers were simply dominant this afternoon, especially Fletcher Session.  Session was a man on a mission today, recording all kinds of tackles and deflections.  The great play didn't end with Session.  Brock Stratton made a good tackle today, and looks very healthy.  Also, Brent Slaughter and Sandy Riley got a sack each on blitzes.  Paul Williams put himself in the right place again to make a few good deflections this afternoon.  The linebackers managed to simultaneously shut down the running and passing game, which deserves some serious commendation.

Defensive Backs

The big story here was that Joe Garcia finally had his ankle untaped, and recorded a TFL on a SS BlitzChris Parker again played in pads, but saw relatively light duty in an effort to keep him healthy.  Daniel Charbonnet had a big afternoon, with a big hit on Danny Amendola along with an interception.  Lance Fuller had an interception today as well, and was effective in shutting down his side.  Pete Richardson has looked good in coverage thus far.  Marcus Bunton is flying to the ball well.  With the addition of Collier to the safety unit, changes are occurring in the lineups.  LaShawn Vation and Franklin Mitchem are playing SS, while Daniel Charbonnet and Steven Harris are the FS backups.  Antonio Huffman and Chris Parker are the likely starters at cornerback, with Jamar Wall and Marcus Bunton as the second team.  The secondary looks very talented and poised for another excellent year.

Now lets hand out some awards:


Best Overall Unit:



Best Individual Performance:

Fletcher Session


Mr. Underrated: (tie)

Lance Fuller

Stephen Hamby


Best Newcomer: (tie)

Daniel Charbonnet

Baron Batch



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