2003 Update: Drew Coffman

<b>Midland Lee</b> shooting guard talks about summer hoops and his <b>Texas Tech</b> verbal commitment in an exclusive <b>RaiderPower.com</b> interview.

*************SG DREW COFFMAN (6-2, 170) **************

MP: How's your summer been?

DC: "It's been going real well. I made the (2002 adidas Big Time) all-tournament team in Las Vegas. I've been working real hard. I am trying to improve my game as much I can."

MP: How did your team do?

DC: "We didn't do so well in Vegas. It was just my (Midland Lee) high school team (playing there).

"We (Midland Lee) have trouble playing taller, stronger teams. The team (Phila Phoenix) we lost to had four players who were at least 6'10. Our tallest guy is 6'6. However, two weeks ago, we won the Denton tournament, so that was cool."

MP: How did you do in Las Vegas?

DC: I averaged 26.5 (points) a game. I wasn't really pleased though. I made too many errors."

MP: What player has impressed you the most this summer?

DC: "Sebastian Telfair (Lincoln High School, New York). It's amazing seeing how the whole gym is packed to watch him play."

MP: Your thoughts on Coach Knight?

DC:" I'm really looking forward to playing for him.

"Just the other day I went up to the gym and ran into Blake Johnston, (a former Midland High standout) who plays at Oklahoma and he told me he knows Andre Emmett. Blake said I am going to love Texas Tech."

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