Weekly Press Conference Quotes

Each week Coach Leach and a few of the team captains take time out of their busy schedules to hold a weekly press conference for the media. Come inside to read quotes from this afternoon's press conference.

Head Coach Mike Leach
On the biggest issue of facing TCU…
"We just have to play well and improve. You don't change things. You got out and do the same stuff and get better at it. There are plenty of things on both sides of the ball. We, as a team, are marginal. We have the chance to get better, so we need to do that."

On Shannon Woods' play at UTEP…
"He had several good runs and did a lot of all-around good things. I wish we could have got a better look at Baron (Batch), but Shannon did some real good stuff with some good runs. We are working towards a higher level of consistency, which I think we are making progress there. I like the way that he is explosive. I thought he finished this game better than he did the one before."

On talking to his team during timeouts…
"(I didn't say) anything specific. Some of them were our timeouts based on trying to get plays in, or the ordinary that you see something that you don't expect so you call timeout. (Timeouts) are handy. They are there to talk to the team, so you take advantage of that. There was nothing real specific. We went through all three timeouts earlier that I would have liked. Some people place a higher level of sacredness on timeouts and they really justify that. Having one I think is pretty good. You'd like to have one hanging around there in the fourth quarter, which we didn't. The noisier the place is the more valuable they are. It was loud there. Acoustics impact all of us. Everyone wants to talk about number – this was a loud place. It is as loud as most of the Big 12."

On the game versus UTEP…
"They played well and executed well. Our challenge is to improve our ability to do all of those things. The other thing is that we are playing three teams in a row that pay a lot of attention to the fact that they are playing us. We have to be willing to step up and rise to that challenge."

On tough road games…
"I think all the nonconference games should be at our place. Outside of the obvious reasons, I think our fans would like it better. I think they would rather watch it here, because there is no guarantee that they'd go to all these other miscellaneous places. It puts us in a better position to win the game. I think if we could have them all at home, we should."

On Tech's gameplan against TCU's running backs…
"I think they are going to be pretty good no matter who it is. I think they are both good. TCU always has pretty good running backs; you just have to deal with them on some level or another. You just do the best you can to stop them."

On TCU's quarterbacks…
"They have a couple of (quarterbacks). I just don't know enough about them. They play two of them, and they are both probably pretty good. The biggest thing about their quarterbacks from ones before, and these guys remind me of the ones before, is that as a team they are kind of scrappy, they play for everything they've got. That is the same way with their quarterbacks."

On playing consecutive road games…
"It makes it challenging. You do the best you can to get it. It makes it incumbent on us that we have to really prepare well and really be sharp. You want that anyway. We need to improve this week. This is the third week and we have to be able to (improve)."

Joel Filani, WR, Sr.
On TCU and the last time Tech played them
"I am sure they have got that (the 70 point loss) on their mind. We still have got it on our mind. We just need to know what to do. It is going to be a good game. It will be a hostile environment. We just need to go out there and bounce back from last week."

On how a rough road game benefits the young guys
"I think it is great. I think it is better for the team, obviously, we are happy to come out with the win. But as far as learning from that a lot of the young guys got out there in the hostile environment and they learn how to better prepare for it next time."

On TCU being motivated by the last time they played Tech
"I definitely think they have it on their mind. I know they are just preparing for us and definitely want to come out with the win, but at the same time we are trying to win also."

On TCU's longest winning streak
"I don't care so much about that. We are just trying to go out there prepared and be a better team. If we break their winning streak that would be great too, but we are just going out there for the win."

Brock Stratton, LB, Jr.
"We haven't played them before, but I think because of our understanding of the defense we did have some great plays on occasion. But those eight or nine plays really hurt us in the long run. UTEP is a great team and I think they will have a really successful season this year. It was good for us to compete against this kind of team early on in the season. But there is a lot of room for improvement on our part."

On Improvement
"Coach Setencich told us we are going to have a rough season if we don't make the improvements that we need to make. He knows that we are better than that. We know that we are better than that. We can't allow that many mental errors to occur during the season. With TCU coming up this week we definitely can't allow that many mental errors to occur or it won't be that good of an outcome."

"I am not sure what the coaches are doing right now to prepare us for TCU, but regardless of who they have out on the field we need to prepare ourselves."

On TCU being motivated by the last time they played Tech
"I think it will have a big impact on how they come out this Saturday. They are going to want to beat us like every other time, but they have that (70 point loss to Tech) somewhere in the back of
their minds."

On TCU's quarterback
"I don't know names. I know there is number 11 and number 16 and I know they are both great athletes and they have different styles about them. They are both quick and they both run the speed option very well. They can throw the ball too. I think they have got a dual threat there."

On back to back road games
"I don't think we are concerned about it. I think that it is a great learning experience. It will only make us stronger as a unit. I think we grew as a defense as far as learning to face adversity and learning how to go into a hostile environment like El Paso and overcome it and come out with a win."

Keyunta Dawson, LB, Sr.
On Improvement
"It is just the little things. We need to work on technique and things like that. I think we came into the UTEP game ready, but it is the small things that happened that we weren't expecting. The main thing that the coaches tell us is to finish things off. We could have put the game away and we didn't. We let them hang in there with us. It made it a tougher game than it had to be."

On the younger guys
"I think it was good for our guys. I think our defensive tackles really stepped up and had a good game. I feel like this game was a learning experience for us. It feels like every season that I have been here we have always had a game that has been close and it has made our team better. It is a character builder so I just feel like, especially for the younger guys, that you get opportunities during the game and you have got to take advantage of those to finish the game."

"They are a fast team. They are good at what they do. They have played together a long time and so we have to be ready like we do for any team."

Fletcher Session, LB, Sr.
On the younger guys
"I think being in a game like this (UTEP) it is great for them. They get to go through adversity and see how things are. Especially for when we go to College Station or Oklahoma there are going to be 40,000 more fans and it will be a little harder to hear."

On TCU's offense
"Offensively, they do a lot of things. Coach Setencich said last night that they are probably the team that runs the most offensive sets in the NCAA. They do a lot of things. They run a lot of speed options. They have two great running backs that can do a lot. They have two great quarterbacks to. So, we just have to come prepared."

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