Weekly Press Conference Quotes

Each week Coach Leach and a few of the team captains take time out of their busy schedules to hold a weekly press conference for the media. Come inside to read quotes from this afternoon's press conference.

Head Coach Mike Leach

On Diagnosis change since Saturday Night

"We are not very tough as coaches. We weren't able to perceive it. I went through eighteen seniors and looked through all eighteen seniors on the team, which I think is a coaching issue. We have eighteen seniors, and only seven of those eighteen have gotten better. I think that five of them are the same and the next six have gotten worse. I am going to have to replace or change them."

On Player Changes vs. SE Louisiana
"We will have to see how they practice. Our practices up to this point have been efficient. We have had spurts were it has been good. But I need to quit tolerating that, because there have also been times when we just drag. I have been asking my starters to do their jobs, but I am not being smart enough, as a coach, and to think to just pull players. I need to pull and replace them.

On Thoughts of SE Louisiana matchup
"Based on the way Southeast played last week and the way we played, I think that they have a good opportunity to beat us at home if I play the same starting line-up as I did last time. Or if the people I have in the starting line-up don't change dramatically, then I plan to make some changes. We are going to do everything we can to win."

On the Affects of Road Game Pressure
"I think it does from some standpoint. I think it is a little easier to regroup at home, if you are in a situation like that, but I don't think that the road had anything to do with it. If we aren't good enough to go in there and play well then our problems are far deeper than that and they have to get fixed this week."

Keyunta Dawson, LB, Sr.

On what the coaches said to the defense after the TCU game
"Coach Leach was telling us all to be more consistent and play as a team, because at the UTEP game offense did well and defense struggled and then this game it kind of flipped. We just need to have a strong mind set and be more consistent."

On the confidence of Texas Tech

"I think we have confidence. I think the biggest thing for us is to focus on the simple things and fundamentals. We have started to get away from that a little bit last week and it is about taking one play at a time. Coach Leach always stays on us about doing our job and taking it one play at a time. I think our confidence level has nothing to do with it. I think we just need to take a little time to focus and not get too much into the game. Just make your ordinary plays."

Is the TCU loss a wake up call?
"I think it is a wake up call for our whole team. I feel like you can't take anything for granted and we need to focus on the little things more. We need to focus on making small things happen and they eventually turn into bigger plays. I think it affects our thoughts and preparation for other teams."

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