Burning Questions

Welcome to our newest segment here on RaiderPower. Each week we will pose some burning questions that need to be answered by our beloved Red Raiders in the upcoming game. This week we focus on the matchup against Southeastern Louisiana and what questions Tech is looking to answer in this weekends game.

1. Who will play? Leach has repeatedly said that there may be some lineup changes this week.  I doubt we'll see anything as significant as Chris Todd starting over Graham Harrell, but I do expect to see nearly everyone on the team get some playing time.  The game against SE Louisiana will likely be a giant experiment to work out the kinks in the Red Raider offense.  My guess is that the receiving corps might get a little shake-up this week following their poor outing against the Horned Frogs.

2. How will Graham rebound?  It is no secret that Harrell struggled against TCU.  Graham needs to put that entire day behind him and move on.  As the leader of our team, Harrell must be able to overcome the tough day that he had in Fort Worth.  The TCU game was a wake-up call for everyone, including us fans.  Hopefully Graham and the offense can prove that last week's effort was just a terrible anomaly.  If not, Chris Todd might get a chance at the starting job earlier than expected.  Still, it's far too early to give up on Graham.

3. Can the defense continue their play?  The phenomenal play of the defense is the only reason that the TCU game was as close as it was.  Joe Garcia and Ratliff had their breakout games, and the young guys on the defensive line are looking like they deserve plenty of playing time.  Also, the return of Anthony Hines was very welcome.  Jamar Wall adds some needed depth to the cornerback positions, and the linebackers stepped up their game as well.  Chad Hill had a great outing in Tillman's absence, which is nice to see, since he will be a future starter.

4. Will the playcalling see some changes?  I'm not one to criticize one of the great minds in all of college football, but TCU put on a clinic on how to stop our offense last weekend.  The offense isn't broken, but maybe it needs a tune-up.  In the past, Leach has brought out some new plays and rejuvenated the offense.  Perhaps part of the struggle is due to the offense becoming highly publicized because it has worked so well over the years.  Still, I have faith that Leach will improve the execution of the offense and tweak it if necessary.

5. Can the units work together?  Let's face it, we aren't going to win many games with one side of the ball performing.  We have seen the offense and defense step it up in separate outings.  However, perhaps the offense and defense need to work on their cohesion in an effort to support each other.  Naturally, the defensive players become friends with the rest of the defense, and vice versa with the offense.  The units need to mingle more to understand and appreciate each other more. Maybe they should go bowling or something. The players must do whatever it takes to become a true team.


-Trent Wycoff

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