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In this week's RaiderPower Notebook, we look at the latest on the Jarrett Hicks situation, official visitors for the Southeastern Louisiana game, possible lineup changes, and much more. If you're looking for the latest scoop on Texas Tech, this is where it's at.

Official Visitor for SE Louisiana
CB De'Shon Sanders out of CC of San Francisco will be visiting Texas Tech this weekend as the Red Raiders host Southeastern Louisiana.  De'Shon has already committed to Tech, but will be making a visit to the campus for an official tour.

"I will be arriving in Lubbock on Saturday morning, and the coaches will be giving me my itinerary when I get there," said De'Shon.  When asked if he has any other schools he is still looking at, he replied "I am still looking at a few other school, such as Oregon, Minnesota, and Missouri, but Tech is my favorite.  I don't have any other visits setup, but I may do so later on."

Intensity of Practices
After last week's debacle in Fort Worth, Coach Leach promised to make changes to improve the "toughness" of the team.  Practices are now much more intense, with basically no downtime in between drills.  In the past, there have always been times where certain portions of the team would get breaks, but that downtime has been significantly reduced.

Players Lounge Closed
Another change made by Coach Leach is that the players lounge has officially been closed.  Coach Leach sees the lounge as a privilege for the athletes and it's something they will have to earn by practicing hard all week and carrying that over to game day.

Lineup Changes
There doesn't appear to be too many lineup changes for the game against SE Louisiana.  After the frustration that Coach Leach felt during the TCU game with regards to players giving 100%, he will be more inclined to bench a player for poor effort then he has in the past.  The starting lineup on offense looks to remain unchanged, but more players may see playing time if one of the starters begins to slack off.

One possible change could come at the offensive guard position, where Louis Vasquez is battling an injured knee.  The coaching staff may have him sit out this weeks game to make sure he is ready to go against Texas A&M on the 30th.

Jarrett Hicks Situation
This seems to get more and more complicated as the days go on.  Here is the latest.  A news station here in Lubbock reported that Jarrett was originally denied by the Progress Report Degree Committee, but Texas Tech has since appealed to the Division 1 Management Council.  They also mentioned the D1 Mgmt Council only meets 4 times a year, with the next scheduled meeting being in October.

We reported in the RP Club last Tuesday that the Texas Tech hopes to have the Hicks appeal ruling finalized by noon on Friday.  Chris Cook, media relations director for Texas Tech, echoed this again by saying that Texas Tech is optimistic that the NCAA will make its final ruling by Friday.

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