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An NCAA membership subcommittee on Friday granted a progress-toward-degree waiver for Texas Tech University football student-athlete Jarrett Hicks, making him eligible for competition. RaiderPower.com has the latest scoop on this story, as well as an audio clip from Jarrett Hicks' lawyer, which sheds some additional light on this breaking story.

INDIANAPOLIS – An NCAA membership subcommittee on Friday granted a progress-toward-degree waiver for Texas Tech senior wide receiver Jarrett Hicks, making him eligible for competition this weekend against Southeastern Louisiana.

"We're happy this thing is over and now we can continue to concentrate on Southeastern Louisiana," Red Raider Head Coach Mike Leach said. "We're looking forward to getting Jarrett back on the field and letting him continue his track toward graduation."

Hicks missed the first three games of the season while the process took place. The school's all-time touchdown receptions leader (28), Hicks also has 173 career receptions and 2,525 receiving yards in 36 games. The preseason All-American has been one of the nation's top wide receivers each of the previous two seasons.

Texas Tech sought a waiver for Hicks of NCAA progress-toward-degree requirements, and the university worked with NCAA membership services staff to determine the specifics of his situation. While initial requests for a waiver were denied, NCAA staff continued to work with the university when it requested an extension to compile additional information related to Hicks' specific situation.

Once new information was submitted by the university to the NCAA on Thursday (September 21), the Continuing Eligibility Subcommittee of the NCAA's Academic/Eligibility/Compliance Cabinet reviewed the information today and granted the waiver.

Comprised of representatives of NCAA member colleges and universities, the subcommittee was originally scheduled to meet on September 7 to review the situation, but the university asked for an extension to compile the additional information.

While it cannot divulge details because of student privacy guidelines, the NCAA subcommittee focused on the particular circumstances of the situation and the new information that was provided.

of Jarrett Hicks' lawyer discussing some of the details of the situation.

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