Weekly Press Conference Quotes

Each week Coach Leach and a few of the team captains take time out of their busy schedules to hold a weekly press conference for the media. Come inside to see what Coach Leach, Graham Harrell, and Chris Hudler had to say about the 62-0 win over Southeastern Louisiana and also their thoughts about the upcoming game against the Texas A&M Aggies.

Head Coach Mike Leach

On gaining security with the win against Southeastern Louisiana…

"I think it's a false sense of security. Someone asked me early today if everything is all turned around. I will know nine games from now whether we have the focus and the mental determination to do our best every play and every game. I think it will be interesting to see. A&M is always a good team. Kyle Field is one of the most exciting places in America to play. I love going there. We played well last Saturday, but that is Saturday and that is all over with. That really doesn't count for anything this week, so we need to prepare well this week."

On the team's toughness…
"I thought (they played) more together. What you saw was, on all three sides, a pretty good effort. There were guys that decided to get out there and play. I thought we played fast, which has more to do with effort. We had good effort. We need to take that and try to build on that.  The problems prior to that were complacency. We needed to learn from that and not let that creep in again. I hope we can. What have we proved by doing it one week? Not anything really, other than we can do it for one week."

On Shannon Woods…
"I think he is talented. I saw him do one that was tough, and then one that I didn't think was very tough at all. I think he's talented, shifty and, when he hits a guy, he can do it with some authority. He has versatility and he's done some good things as far as the blocking aspects of it. He is still a work in progress, but I would say he's getting tougher."

On usage of receivers…
"We will see (who is used). The switching up was really determined by them rather than us. I told them to go in and do their job everyday, and we are closely evaluating every day of practice and their effort level out there in practice. In that case, they will decide by their performance how much they will play Saturday. We'll plug them in accordingly."

On using the TCU loss as an ego check…
"(The game) was an obvious example of how bad we can get, offensively, quickly. UTEP is an example of how bad we can get, defensively, quickly. Somehow we just clawed our way out and won the game at UTEP and that tends to soften the blow, but it doesn't really change how we play on that side of the ball. I am not really taking anything for granted now. After we played like we did against UTEP on defense, we responded well defensively. We turned right around and played as bad offensively as we had the week before defensively, maybe even worse. Hopefully it sets a perspective. We know we can play together one week in a row, so now we are going to see if we can do it for two."

On being consistent on defense…
"Defensively, we put together two games in a row. So I think that is good. We put together two, and now we need to see if we can put together three. Offensively, we need to see if we can do two. The difference, in the last two games, is less big plays and a little more consistency."

On seeing a complete game from his team last week…
"Everyone wants to talk about opponents, but our bodies moved fast. People were fired up for the game from the beginning to the end. The thing that I liked with our group was that everybody out there was excited to play. We had a high level of energy as a team from start to finish, which is also going to be more fun for everybody. It takes effort. If a guy wants to back off on the effort, then that is not as enjoyable. There are not any lazy teams having fun. Those guys operating on high effort are all having fun. There is always a temptation to gravitate towards not moving as fast as you can or getting as much out of it as you can. It takes commitment from everyone."

Graham Harrell, QB, So.

On Saturday's success against SE Louisiana affecting A&M game:

"It was a good game for us to have. We played well and came out with a good attitude and mentality. We played really well on Saturday. It was a 1 AA team, but I don't think it matters who it was. We had a really good week of practice and prepared. I think there were guys that played that game that played really well. I think it was a good week, especially after a loss. After we got beat we had a good week of practice and prepared. I think it will be good going into next week to start conference play."

On the new guys that started against SE Louisiana:
"We are really deep and when you are deep you can play a lot of kids. We started a different crew. Coach Leach has said for two weeks that who plays well in practice is going to play in the game. As for what to expect (against A&M), we just have to see who plays well in practice and let coach make a decision from there. I could definitely see a different in practice (this last week). I don't know if it was because people felt threatened. I think we had a wake-up call against TCU. We didn't play well and we went out there not really prepared and with bad mentality and we got beat. I don't think it was because coach said that who practices the best will play. I think it was because we needed to practice better. If we practice well, we play well. I think that was the main difference in practice."

On the offense's confidence going into Texas A&M:
"We would like to be 4-0, but I think the loss was a good thing for us. We learned from it and last week we had a really good week of practice. Offensively, I think we feel fine. I don't think we have ever not had confidence. I think it is more of a mentality thing. I think we went into TCU with the attitude that we were too good and they proved us wrong. We came out with a good mentality last week and had a good week of practice and I think we feel good with our offense."

On playing at Kyle Field:
"One thing I like about the team the most is that our coaches try to get it in our head to worry about one game at a time. Worry about this week's opponent. Don't worry about next week or the week before."

Chris Hudler, DL, Sr.

On the defense's confidence going into Texas A&M:

"I think we feel good about where we are at. We had a bad game against UTEP, but I think we have come together as a unit and had some really good practices. We have had a lot more emotion and been flying around a lot more on the defensive side of the ball. I think we are confident going into Big 12. You try to take your record out of it. You don't really want to look back much. You just want to prepare and keep improving during the season."

On Texas Tech's defense:
The goal is keeping them out of the end zone. I think if we play up to our ability we can achieve all of our goals. I think we have always been tough. I think that Coach Leach looks at details and sees things he wants to fix and he is working on that and getting it taken care of. I think as a whole we have been more focused. We had a couple of lackadaisical weeks there, but we have come together. This is the first week that all three sides of the ball played together at the same time. I think we are more focused as a team."

On playing at Kyle Field:
"I have played there before and it is a hostile environment. It is a fun place to play at. You have 80,000 fans screaming and booing at you and I like playing in places like that because it gives me more incentive. You have to stay focused and you can't get caught up in all of the hype and the things going on around you. You just have to stay focused on what is happening on the field. Anytime you go on the road against a big crowd like that (A&M) going against you it helps you. We have a lot of young guys that have not got a lot of playing time and the previous road games were the first time they had people actually booing them. It was a good learning experience for a lot of guys and it will help later in the season."

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