Weekly Press Conference Quotes

Each week Coach Leach and a few of the team captains take time out of their busy schedules to hold a weekly press conference for the media. Come inside to see what Coach Leach, Brandon Jones, and Brock Stratton had to say about the tough loss to Missouri.

Head Coach Mike Leach
On choosing a quarterback:
"As far as hardness, quarterback is a little tough because it is from the neck up. It's not how fast you run or collision type of deal. Both have done some good things. The situation at the time was appropriate. I think Graham (Harrell) is a little ahead as far as analyzing what he sees on the field. Chris (Todd) throws the ball real well. Chris was largely responsible for the change of tempo offensively. That allowed Graham, when he came back in, to march down and score three touchdowns."

On working towards consistency:
"As a team, we have some real good things going. The thing we have been struggling with all year is inconsistency. We have been playing with nine at times. As a group, we have to listen to each other better. We have to really focus on doing our job better. Doing your job better doesn't mean you just lineup and go through the motions. It is a focus on detail. It is a thing that we have been preaching for quite some time. A significant number of players have been buying into it for a certain period of time. We have to get everybody doing it consistently throughout a game. There are key situations where you have to rise and make something happen. We have sometimes, but not at other times. Certainly part of it is that we spend a certain amount of time digging holes for ourselves."

On dealing with the loss to Missouri:
"The biggest thing is to move on, go out there and keep working. That is the biggest thing that you do. You try to have a more precise focus on the things that you need to improve on and the things that you really fall short on. Each game has its own personality that you try to attach that to. Ours is vacillating a little right now. We need to unify together."

On focus in practice this week:
"The most important thing is that everyone does their job, as simply stated as that. Right now, we have a handful of people afraid to do their job and a handful of people trying to do the other guy's job. There is really nothing wrong with this team outside of a solid, clear-minded focus on everyone doing their job. That is all we really have to do."

On the team's maturity level:
"The young guys have to grow up. They have to focus in and concentrate at a higher level than they may be used to. At the same token, when you get into that position, they can't be so hard or tight on themselves that they restrict themselves. They can't think about things too much or try to do too much. Same with the older guys. They have had some success. You can't go soft on what he is concentrating on because he feels he has a handle. He can't also take so much responsibility upon himself that he doesn't relax and play."

On Graham handling Saturday's pressure:
"He seems to handle it really well. He is a little more resilient than some that I have had. I don't hear (the crowd noises). It is just noise. I don't care. If someone wants to boo us, it is their prerogative. I don't hear it. It is just some other level of different noise. I am not really conscious of it."

On the difference between the TCU and Missouri loss:
"I think we have improved. We are not where we need to be or where we'd like to be. The biggest thing with the TCU game that was disturbing to me was that I saw a lack of effort. I saw mistakes and a lack of consistency (against Missouri), but I didn't see a lack of effort."

On preparing for Colorado:
"It is hard. If you look at their roster and you know the players they have, you know first of all the team won the North last year. Second thing is they are loaded with 300 pounders, and they are loaded with fast guys. They have steadily improved. The fact that they have fallen short on some things up to this point in the year does not mean they will continue to. They are a bit like us: they are waiting for the switch to go on and get into a good rhythm."

Brock Stratton, Jr., LB
On the coach's attitude after the Missouri game:
"I think the coaches were extremely positive. They know we have a lot of potential. We know we have a lot of potential. We know that we didn't play the way we know how to play on Saturday. They recognize that and they helped us realize that not all of the hope is lost for the season. We still have a lot to look forward to. It starts with Colorado this week."

On Texas Tech's consistency:
"I think consistency is a big factor for us. We need to minimize the mistakes that we make. A lot of times we put ourselves in a bind with the mistakes that we make. Not to take anything away from Missouri, because they have a great team and played their part, but like I said before we put ourselves in a bind and didn't play the way we are capable of playing."

On staying focus:
"I agree with Coach Leach when he said that we concern ourselves too much with the "what-ifs." Sometimes those "what-ifs" get in the way of us just playing. Not concerning us with making mistakes, but when you play a football game you will make mistakes. We just need to do our job and not concern ourselves with the "what-ifs." We need to just play and have fun. Be consistent and do it for the whole game."

On Colorado:
"They have quite a few athletes on their offense. They have an interesting offense. They shift a lot and they go from one formation to another formation. They use different personnel groups that we haven't seen a lot. I think they have a great offense, a great team. They have faced some tough losses and close losses. We can't take anyone lightly, especially in the Big 12 Conference. It is going to be a tough week of preparation."

Brandon Jones, Sr, OL
On Texas Tech's consistency:
"With a young quarterback there are always going to be growing pains and my hat goes off to him (Graham Harrell) for coming back after he faced a little adversity in the first couple of drives. Just as a collective unit we have to put drives together so that we can score points."

On Texas Tech's Offensive Line:
"After reviewing the film, from an offensive line perspective, we have to do a better job as a group, period. Running the ball, the passing game, everything. Missouri threw a lot of different looks at us. A lot of things we had not necessarily seen before, but for the most part we picked it up pretty good. I think preparing for this week is what helps us out the most."

On the fan's reaction at the Missouri game:
"It disappointed me a lot. Graham is a good kid and I have never seen anyone get booed. It bothered me and I am sure it bothered him, especially with him being so young. I went over there and talked to him (Graham) and told him that we have to play for each other. The fans are good, but as a team, we have to play for each other. The offense has to play for defense and vice versa. The boos, they come. When you are doing well the fans are behind you and when you aren't doing so good there are a lot of doubters."

On staying focused:
"For the most part, we have a lot of experienced players, so that is the problem there. We just have to be able to focus and have some leadership. I think we have the leadership, but I think we get relaxed at times. That is what has been hurting us."

On Colorado:
"In the Big 12, especially, you cannot look past anything. They are going to be just as hungry as we are. We want to prove our worth in the Big 12 and show other teams that we are a quality opponent. Bouncing back from a loss is the most important thing. They have been losing and Coach Leach brought it to our attention that we have never won in Boulder. So, as a team, defense, offense and special teams have to rise up for the challenge."

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