Weekly Press Conference Quotes

Each week Coach Leach and a few of the team captains take time out of their busy schedules to hold a weekly press conference for the media. Come inside to see what Coach Leach and Chris Hudler had to say about the big win against Iowa State.

Head Coach Mike Leach
Looking back on Saturday's win:
"I thought we played real well as a team and I was pleased with the way they rose up and the way they played. In particular, our older players, the way they helped take charge of the situation and rally us and we're looking forward to another week like that."

On the importance of last week's team-building activities:
"I think the most significant was just the group, the way the older guys re-attached with the younger guys. They went out, they hung out together and I think that was important because we were a team that was kind of punching the clock; coming in, going out. I think those things were probably the most important things that I saw."

On what they can practice to correct some of the special teams miscues:
"We had some glaring deals, some interesting things there. The punt that goes 15 yards and hits Marcus [Bunton, CB #1] in the back of the head, I don't know if we can practice on not getting hit in the back of the head. I'd rather Filani [Joel, WR #8] not just slam into the [punter] if he doesn't get there in time. I think to sharpen up and just be more conscious of the little things is really what we need to do."

On the number of penalties called Saturday:
"We'll talk about them and work through the ones we think we need to address. Some of them were aggression penalties, some of them were dumb penalties and some of them are subject to a certain level of interpretation as to what they are."

On the level of excitement surrounding this game:
"It's not healthy to be too excited and it's not healthy to be under excited, so you just want that balance where your mind is as sharp as it can be. The biggest thing that we're concerned with and what we're looking at is just playing the best game that we can play and focus on our game and what we do."

On whether the team will be as relaxed against Texas as it was against Iowa State:
"I don't think who you play should have much to do with it at all. You go out there and try to play the best that you can play, the best game that you can play and that should be expected of your opponent. Your best is your best, what's the best you can block? Well, you block the best you can and it shouldn't matter who you're against. The less that you let all of the external stuff contaminate your thinking on it, the better you'll probably play."

On Texas' ability to create turnovers on defense this season:
"I think their offensive and defensive lines are good. Their defensive line gets a certain amount of pressure and then your margin for error is less. Maybe a secondary guy will get it [the turnover] but it'll be because of the pressure of the defensive line."

On his impressions of Texas quarterback Colt McCoy and what his strengths are:
"I think he's done good. I remember him in high school and I think he's done good, it doesn't surprise me. I think he's probably best at just managing the whole thing. He's a passer, but I think just how he manages the whole overall operation."

Chris Hudler, NT, Sr.
On the mentality going into a game against Iowa State versus Texas:
"Before Iowa State, we had been coming out kind of tight and afraid to make mistakes. Last week we came out ready to play and had fun. So, this week I think we are just looking to do the same. Have fun, don't be afraid to make mistakes, mistakes will be made. Just come out and make plays."

On the public criticism Coach Leach gave the team after TCU:
"We are adults. We understood that we weren't playing as well as we should have. We knew that we weren't doing well. We knew something had to change. We still see it as more of a challenge to keep improving and keep playing."

On how much the margin of error lessens:
"There is no room for error. Some teams you might be able to make mistakes and make up for them later. But they (Texas) have some of the best athletes in the country. That is why our goal is to not worry about mistakes, just fly around and try to make plays."

On UT's quarterback:
"From what I have seen, he is doing really well. He is making his checks and doing is offense. He understands the system a lot better. He has come into his own this season."

On UT's offensive line:
"They are always good. They have three seniors returning. They always have a good offensive line. They are big guys and they are athletic, too. It is going to be a challenge this week."

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