Stefan Loucks: Still a Red Raider?

RaiderPower was able to catch up with Stefan Loucks to find out his thoughts on the Texas Tech/UT game, his status as a Texas Tech commit, and how he is playing so far this season for Pulaski Academy. Come inside to read more about this exciting HS star from Little Rock, Arkansas.

Stefan unfortunately could not make it out to Lubbock for the Tech vs. Texas game due to unforeseen travel difficulties with his flight, but he plans on rescheduling his official visit for the game against Oklahoma State.  He was able to watch the great play of our Red Raiders on television, however.  When asked about his thoughts on the game, Stefan replied, "It was a heck of a game; I really thought that we were going to pull it out."  Following the Red Raiders' strong performance, Loucks stated that he is still "100% Texas Tech" without hesitation.  He was extremely easy to believe with the conviction in which he spoke in this matter.

I asked Stefan how his season was going at Pulaski Academy, and he replied that "It's going great. We're 8-1 with a chance to win the conference."  Stefan is a big part of the Pulaski Bruins' success.  He has thrown 37 touchdowns on the year, is throwing for nearly 350 yards a game, and is completing 71% of his passes.  He is running the type of offense that throws enough to prepare him to potentially take over the reins of the Air Raid offense.  Loucks is rated as a three star recruit.  Stefan appears to be a good pick-up for the Red Raiders with the way that he is performing on the field, and we are glad to have him. 

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