David Neill Talks Tech

RaiderPower was able to catch up with David Neill to find out his thoughts on the Texas Tech/UT game, his status as a Texas Tech commit, and how he is playing so far this season for Marcus HS. Come inside to read more about this standout lineman.

David enjoyed his trip up to Lubbock to see the game between Texas Tech and the University of Texas.  In reference to the game, he said "I thought it was great; except for the losing part, of course."  Neill also expressed that he is firm in his commitment to the Red Raiders.  One of the highlights of his trip, other than the game, was the cahnce to speak with the players and coaching staff.  He stated that "it was great to meet the football team and Coach Leach" during his time up here in Lubbock.  I asked him if there was anyone in particular that he felt the most comfortable around, and David replied that he felt that way about "the team in general."

When asked about his season at Marcus, he stated that they were playing "decent."  Neill followed that up by saying that "we had a bit of a struggle early, but we're pulling it together."  The Marcus Marauders are 5-3 on the year so far, and David is playing his part very well for the team.  Neill has sixteen tackles on the year, along with two sacks and a forced fumble.  David is capable of playing on either side of the line, so time will only tell where the Texas Tech coaching staff feels that he will give us the most success.  Regardless, it seems that Neill is a versatile athlete who will provide the Red Raiders with an extra spark.

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