Texas Tech Alamo Bowl Bound?

RaiderPower.com caught up with Rick Hill, the Alamo Bowl's Vice President of Marketing and Communications, to find out what the committee thinks about Texas Tech's chances for getting an invite to San Antonio on December 30.

The Alamo Bowl committee met this morning to discuss their upcoming decision, and Texas Tech is a definite consideration.  The other teams the committee is looking at are Missouri and Kansas State.  If the Gator Bowl does not select a Big 12 team this year, UT will also be a consideration for the committee.

The committee believes that a game between the high powered offenses of Texas Tech and Iowa would be exciting, and Rick Hill stated, "We think fans would enjoy seeing the quarterbacks throw the ball a hundred times."

Also adding to the story line is Iowa quarterback Drew Tate, a Texas native, who will play his final collegiate game only a few hours away from his hometown of Baytown.  Tate, who originally committed to Texas A&M and has never faced a Big 12 South team, would have a chance to prove himself against a Texas team if the Red Raiders were selected.

The committee is also discussing the appeal of a 3rd match-up between Iowa and Texas Tech.  Despite having faced off in the Alamo Bowl twice before, Mr. Hill indicated that fans from both schools do seem interested in a rematch.  In 2001, the Alamo Bowl hosted over 65,000 Red Raider and Hawkeye fans, its second-largest crowd ever.

One of the staff's major concerns is that many Red Raider fans were hoping for a breakout year and possibly a BCS Bowl berth, and that fan support may be largely diminished after a 7-5 season.  However, Hill stated, "Tech has the most appeal over teams from the Midwest."

Fan interest is being gauged primarily by the number of preorders each university sells, and each athletic department will be contacted at the end of the week to find out how many preorders each school has received.  Mr. Hill emphasized, "Preorders are the most important factor in determining fan support for the Alamo Bowl."

Texas Tech is currently taking preorders for all season ticket holders.  If you would like to preorder your tickets for the Alamo Bowl and help the Red Raiders get invited, you can do so online by clicking here.

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