Making the Transition

This time of year features the ending of the football season and the beginning of the basketball year. For me, it's a somewhat of a sad time, as football has always been my favorite sport. It's a time where we as Red Raiders have to trade Jarrett for Jarrius and Leach for Knight. Come inside to read more, as RaiderPower compares the two sports and weighs the benefits and drawbacks of both.

BB March Madness vs. FB Bowl Season - The nod has to go to basketball in this one.  Sure, there are some great bowls, and it's fun to have some interesting interconference matchups, but listening to the BCS crap and having to deal with games like Middle Tennessee State vs. Central Michigan while better teams sit at home is hard to deal with.  And at least with basketball, 64 teams have a shot at the title, making for some fun Cinderella stories with teams like George Mason.

Regular BB Season vs. Regular FB Season - Football wins here, because every game matters.  Also, it seems like there tends to be a greater occurrence of good games during football season, perhaps because most games are consolidated to Saturdays.  Everyone can waste a day on football over the weekend, but some of the basketball games during the week can conflict with academic and work scheduled, which is never fun.Basketball just doesn't seem as much fun until March comes around. 

BB Announcers vs. FB Announcers - Football wins this one thanks mostly in part to the plague upon the earth known as Dick Vitale.  Listening to the words "awesome" and "baby" in a constipated tone of voice makes me want to break things.  Sure, college football has its own prince of darkness in Lou Holtz, but somehow his lisp-filled stammering about Notre Dame is better than Vitale.  Holtz makes me want to change the channel, but Dickie V makes me want to pull a Van Gogh on my ears.

Rivalry Games - I have to prefer basketball here, mostly because each school gets a home game against their hated rival in a season.  The only bad thing about this is that many times you have split wins, so nobody can really have the satisfaction of scoreboard unless they sweep the opponent.  Still, nothing beats showing up to cheer your team on against a rival with tons of fellow students by your side, and basketball gives you a chance to see that every season, which has football beat.

Officiating - Before this football season, I would have given football the preference here.  However, considering the absolutely awful officiating that went on during this football year, I have to go with basketball.  I just wish referees would sometimes remember that carrying the ball isn't legal.  However, as long as you abstain from watching Duke and Texas games, you'll generally see fair and knowledgeable officiating, which is more than can be said for some of the football games this season.

Conference Championship - This one's a tie.  In football, you have two divisions of many of the conferences whose leaders aren't always the two best teams of the conference.  In basketball, you have a conference championship tourney, in which a team can technically win the championship despite what happened against conference opponents during the regular season.  Let's face it, neither system always crowns the true best team of the conference, so they both tie in their ridiculousness.

Entertainment Value - I guess this one's another tie.  Basketball tends to have more great finishes, but all of the end of game fouls and timeouts takes away from the action.  It's hard to beat when a basketball team goes on a great run and the entire place goes nuts, but a big play in football beats a big play in basketball simply because it usually means more to the outcome.  That is, unless Darryl Dora hits a three-pointer at the buzzer to beat Kansas.  That one was pretty hard to beat. 

Trent Wycoff
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