The Latest caught up with the University of Miami to discuss their interest in Mike Leach.

It has been a hectic few days for Texas Tech fans as rumors are floating around regarding Head Coach Mike Leach being considered for the University of Miami's head coaching job.

We had a chance to catch up with Roger Bell, associate athletic director for the University of Miami, and we spoke with him about their search for a new coach. "We don't plan on making any public comments about the situation until we have a finalist selected" said Roger.

It appears that the Miami athletic department is looking at multiple candidates, and after discussing each in-depth, they will make a decision on who they would like to pursue.

Now the big question is, when will we hear something with regards to Mike Leach, or any other coaching candidate they're after.

"We plan on making a decision before the end of the week, and then we'll make an official announcement" said Roger.

If these plans include Mike Leach, no one knows except Miami. We do know that Mike Leach did speak with Paul Dee, Miami's athletic director, in New York. Mike Leach is definitely someone they're looking at, just how much though is yet to be seen.

Meanwhile, Coach Leach is heading back to Lubbock today from New York, to begin preparation for the Red Raiders bowl game against Minnesota.

The team will practice Wednesday evening at 7 pm, Thursday at 3:15 pm, and then take the day off on Friday.

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