Roderick Davis Narrows It Down

31st Nationally ranked wide receiver Roderick Davis is a very highly sought after receiver. Holding offers from Auburn, Tennessee, Mississippi, Texas Tech, and Oklahoma, it is easy to see that big time programs recognize his talent. But has Roderick narrowed down his schools of interest as decision time nears?

Roderick Davis was scheduled to hold a press conference before the winter school break but was forced to postpone it until a later date. RaiderPower caught up with Roderick to talk about his press conference, an updated list of possible schools, and insight into what makes him want to commit to a certain school as opposed to another.

When Roderick was asked when his press conference was going to be scheduled he said that "It will be once I get back into town. Schools starts Thursday so sometime soon after that. But there is no certain date for the conference."

Apparently Roderick has also changed his top 5 to a top 2, with Texas Tech and Mississippi riding on top of the wave. While he said these are his top two, "[he] is still looking further at the other schools."

While he was asked if which team he was going to commit to, he insisted that he was going to wait until the press conference to make that official announcement.

Roderick said that when it came to making his decision the most important thing to him was how comfortable he feels at the school. "The most important part in making my decision is the people," said Davis. "I have to like the coaches and the way that they run their offense." will keep you up to date as more information is made available.

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