Send a get well note to Esmir Rizvic

After sustaining an elbow to the face against OU, Esmir Rizvic is going to need surgery to repair the damage done to his eye. For information on how to send him a get well note, come inside.

Send Esmir Rizvic a note and let him know you support him and wish him a quick recovery. He broke 3 bones around his eye socket by an elbow from an OU player during the game last Saturday. He will require surgery to repair the damage.

We have spoken with the Texas Tech basketball department and they said if we post all of our "best wishes" and "get well soons" in one post, they will hand deliver them to Esmir. Let's all write Esmir a note and wish him well. Click Here to post your best wishes in the official thread.

Simply post your comments in the thread and will take care of the rest.

Hang in there Esmir. The Red Raider nation is behind you 100%.

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