Gerald Jones Still a Possibility?

Gerald Jones is one of the most talented recruits in the nation. Texas Tech University was doing everything possible to secure a commitment from Gerald but he decided to go in another direction. The University of Tennessee has a commitment from Jones but RaiderPower caught up with him to see if Tech still has a chance to change his mind.

When discussing his commitment to the Volunteers Gerald Jones gave RaiderPower some insight on his decision. "I wanted to get out of the state of Oklahoma and I had to choose between Texas Tech, Florida, and Tennessee."

"Florida was a little to far for me and it was Texas Tech for the longest time. But when I went on a visit down there (Lubbock, TX) I really just didn't get along with some of the players."

Jones was not the least bit concerned with the number of highly ranked receivers and running backs committed to the University of Tennessee. He said that "They are telling me that I am going to get a chance to play wideout."

When asked about the state of his commitment to Tennessee, Gerald said that "I am pretty solid on Tennessee and I don't think I am going to change it to anything else."

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