Bobby Agoucha is a massive defensive tackle from Putnam City North High School in Oklahoma City. While he only played in 5 games, he made an impact at Putnam and an impact on the Texas Tech coaching staff. With his recent commitment to Texas Tech, RaiderPower talked with Bob Wilson, head football coach at Putnam City North High School, and found out exactly what makes this "dominating" tackle go.

Bobby Agoucha is the most recent in a series of commitments that have shored up what appeared to be at one time a weak Red Raiders recruiting class. Agoucha weighs in at 300 pounds and is huge at 6 feet 4 inches tall. When his head coach was asked to describe Agoucha, one word immediately came to mind.

"Dominating" said Putnam City North coach Bob Wilson. "Bobby is a good kid and a dominating defensive tackle. He is the kind of kid that plays tackle to tackle and just plugs up the middle. He is the kind of guy that tackles the entire backfield, including the guys that don't have the ball."

Coach Wilson went on to tell RaiderPower that "Bobby has an incredibly explosive first step and his strength is one of his biggest assets. He is the kind of player that I think can do very well at the next level."

"He played the season around 330 pounds but is now down to around 300 now. He made a 24 on his ACT, which helps a lot and we are getting him caught up on some other things. He missed some classes when he was down in Katy but we have gotten him caught up on those and he is now in English 4. He gets through that and he should be in good shape academically."

Yet, Coach Wilson went back to the same word to explain Agoucha, "Dominant. He is simply a dominating force. If he had been here last year he would have had 15 offers. He isn't all that well known but I think he will be a great player at the next level. I sent a tape down to Coach Seth Littrell and they were up here just last week talking with Bobby in my office. He is the kind of kid that every coach looks for and I couldn't be happier for him."

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