4 star WR still looking at Tech?

Scout.com caught up with Corsicana (Texas) wide receiver Omarius Hines last night for a quick chat regarding his recruitment. In particular, his early top five, thoughts on those five, which school fell off of his top schools list and why. Come inside for the latest scoop on this top Red Raider target.

East Texas region wideout Omarius Hines can flat out play. His stats speak for themselves: 52 catches, 1240 yards, 23 touchdowns.

Hines debuted on the RaiderPower Take Board as the #1 wide receiver target for the Red Raiders.

After producing these tremendous numbers during his junior season, several schools came calling. But who leads for this elite playmaker at this point in time?

Early Top Leaders: "Florida, Texas Tech, Texas A&M, Oklahoma and Kansas."

Thoughts on Florida? "They just won a national championship... And, that's what I'm wanting (to accomplish in college)."

Texas Tech: "Their offense is great. And, they pass the ball a lot."

Texas A&M? "I don't really know. I just like them. They have a good tradition."

Oklahoma: "They're pretty much like Florida. I mean when it comes to winning championships."

Kansas? "I like the kind of offense they run."

While the aforementioned top five is presently looking shiny and bright, Oklahoma State is fading at this point in the game, but why?

"They stopped communicating," said the pass-catcher from Corscicana.

Other Notes of Interest:

Asked what he's looking for in a school to call his Hines said, "I'm looking for academics, graduation rate, atmosphere..."

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