Crawford to Qualify?

RB Aaron Crawford had his work cut out for him. Last year several schools stopped recruiting him because they didn't believe he was going to qualify to play college football out of high school. Texas Tech stuck with him though. Now that his senior season is complete, how is it looking for Tennessee's 5A Mr. Football to head to Lubbock, TX? has the latest.

RB Aaron Crawford out of Ridgeway HS in Memphis, TN was seen by most colleges as too much of a grade risk to seriously pursue.

"A lot of schools backed off me last year since they didn't think I was going to qualify," said Crawford. "[Texas] Tech stuck with me though. They believed I could qualify."

With that in mind, Aaron set out to prove the Texas Tech coaches right and the schools who backed off wrong. He worked harder than ever in the classroom to get his GPA up and realize his dreams of playing college football.

"I worked hard and got my GPA up to a 2.43b and I also scored a 17 on my ACT," said the 5'11, 210 pound RB. "I have sent all my paperwork into the NCAA Clearinghouse and I am just waiting to hear back from them on my eligibility status."

Even if the NCAA Clearinghouse doesn't clear Aaron to play on this try, Crawford is well aware of what he needs to do and has a plan in place to accomplish it.

"Worst case scenario, I'll need to retake the ACT and score one point higher in any of the section. I have actually already signed up to take the ACT again on June 9th in case I need to earn that extra point." spoke with Crawford back in January of last year about him qualifying out of high school. He told us, "I will qualify. Just wait and see."

It appears that Aaron is on track to keep his word.

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