Making the Grade?

Several commitments from the class of 2007 had work left to do in the classroom before fully qualifying to attend Texas Tech and be eligible to play this Fall. has been in constant contact with these Red Raiders and has the latest on who is in and who is out, including the inside scoop from the elusive Detron Lewis who we spoke with Thursday afternoon.

Bobby Agoucha – After re-taking his ACT and scoring the 18 he needed to qualify, Agoucha will be on campus for Fall practice. The 300 pound DT was sorely needed on a thin Red Raider defensive line and he'll likely be competing for playing time the moment he steps on campus.

Jacob Amie – Unfortunately, Amie did not qualify for the Fall semester. As for what his plans are now, he will be re-taking the ACT/SAT to try and gain a qualifying score. He could potentially enroll in the Spring, but that will be determined by how he does on his next re-take.

Aaron Crawford – Crawford needed to only score 1 point higher on his ACT to qualify, and he has done that. He had an uphill battle to fight to get his grades in order, but Crawford put in the time and effort needed and will be moving to Lubbock in July.

Brandon Sharpe – Sharpe has fully qualified and will be moving to Lubbock during the first part of July.

Detron Lewis – I spoke with Lewis on Thursday morning (June 28th) and he had still not received his ACT scores. Some of his friends who took the test with him have already received their scores, so Lewis' should be arriving any day now.

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