Gallington Returns From Bama

OL Deveric Gallington out of North Richland Hills HS had the Red Raiders in his top 2 along with the Florida Gators. Recently, Alabama entered the picture and Gallington took a trip down to Tuscaloosa to see the campus first hand. RaiderPower caught up with Gallington for a quick Q&A session to get the inside scoop on where the Red Raiders now stand.

Deveric Gallington Profile

MS: You recently went and visited Alabama.  How did your trip go?

DG: Alabama was nice.  They are my favorite right now.  They didn't offer me at their camp because they wanted to see my defensive film first.  I mailed it to them today so they should be getting it soon."

MS: Who would you say is your favorite school right now?

DG: Alabama.  If they offer me, I'll probably commit.  I had a private session with their offensive line coach and he really liked me.  After they get my defensive film I should know about an offer from them.

MS: Last time we talked, you had been waiting to hear back from Florida.  How do they currently fit into the picture?

Gallington currently has Alabama on the top of his list.

My coach talked to Florida yesterday.  They want to wait until a few games into the season before they decide to offer me so they can see what I can do on the offensive side of the ball.  I'm not going to wait for them though.  I know I'm pretty much not going there.

MS: Texas Tech used to be in your top 2 along with Florida, are you still considering them?

DG: If Alabama doesn't offer, I'll probably visit (Texas) Tech during the season on an official visit.  If I dont go to Bama, Tech is where I'll likely end up.  I'm basically down to Texas Tech and Alabama right now.

MS: Do you have a preference on which side of the ball you play?

DG: Not really.  I think I can be effective on both sides and I just want to play.  I will probably end up on the o-line in college though.

MS: Has Tech been in contact with you recently?

DG: I just got a new cell phone and I haven't had a chance to give them the new number.

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