The Transition: QB to WR

One trend that has existed since Mike Leach arrived at Texas Tech is bringing in former high school quarterbacks and turning them into productive Big 12 wide receivers. Current wideouts Michael Crabtree and Todd Walker are hoping to make the transition as successfully as former players Robert Johnson and Mickey Peters. We caught up Mickey Peters to find out about his experience on moving to WR.

MS: What are your thoughts on making the switch from being a QB in high school to a WR at Texas Tech?

MP: I realized real fast how good Kliff [Kingsbury] and BJ [Symons] were so I was all for it.

MS: Was it relatively easy to do?

MP: It took me a while to understand how to do the little things right, but all in all it wasn't that hard when I got the confidence that I could play.

MS: What was the hardest thing to learn?

MP: The confidence in yourself that you need to have to be a receiver. I didn't really have that confidence in myself until my senior year.

MS: Did playing QB in high school help you get on the same page as Kliff and BJ?

MP: I have had that question a lot, and have never really understood it until I left Tech. I would probably say yes. I knew that I had to help them look good by catching everything thrown to me.

MS: What is your favorite moment playing for the Red Raiders?

MP: Well, there were a lot of them. From running out of the tunnel with the greatest fans in America screaming, to road games, to playing with my teammates, but the most special memory was my senior year getting in the huddle with all my boys and looking in there eyes knowing that we were going to score every time we touched the ball!

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