Young Receivers Adjusting

Finding homes for all the young receivers can be a difficult task. With so many options available in the Air Raid offense, there are several places where each receiver could fit in. Although the learning curve coming from high school to Texas Tech has been a sharp one for the freshmen, they are working hard and are beginning to see progress out on the field.

The Red Raiders brought in 4 freshmen wide receivers this year: Detron Lewis, Tramain Swindall, Rashad Hawk, and Jacoby Franks.  Each player was a standout at his respective high school, but even so, making the adjustment to the collegiate level can be quite a change.

"Adjusting to the speed of the game is probably the biggest thing," said inside receivers coach Dana Holgorsen.  "They are surrounded by all kinds of people who run fast, as opposed to them being the fastest one on the team.  And then they're trying to learn what to do and how to do it at the same time.  Once we teach them what to do, then we can really start focusing on their technique."

H Receiver
 1. Eric Morris
 2. Detron Lewis
Y Receiver
 1. Danny Amendola
 2. Grant Walker
 3. Tramain Swindall

During the Red Raiders' first 2 practices, Swindall and Lewis were both being played at H, with each player alternating days between the 2-deep and the practice squad. 

"Playing at H has been real confusing," said Swindall.  "I practiced at Y all summer, so everything is is new to me. No matter where they put me though, I'm going to work hard and try to find a way to contribute."

On Thursday, Coach Holgorsen decided to switch things up and play Swindall at the position he had been practicing all summer.

"Today we put Tramain over at Y.  Tramain spent the whole day at Y and Detron spent the whole day at H.  I think that's where they need to be; that's the body types we're looking for at those positions."

Coach Holgorsen works with freshman WR Rashad Hawk

Freshman Adam James, who arrived on campus in the spring, is also being moved around to try and find the best spot for him.  With his unique combination of size and speed, he has the ability to play at several positions.

"He's the same as [Tramain and Detron]," said Holgorsen.  "It's all new to him playing receiver; he has never played receiver before.  With his body type he could play H or Y, we just haven't really figured out what we're going to do with him yet."

No matter where they end up, with the raw talent the freshmen WRs have shown this fall and the coaching staff's uncanny ability to help good receivers become great, Red Raider fans should be excited about this special group of kids.

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