Saturday Practice Report

The Texas Tech Red Raiders practiced on one of the hotter days so far this year in Lubbock, Texas on Friday. Spending most of the day at Jones AT&T stadium and beginning work on their defensive packages for the coming season, the Red Raiders had a great intensity and fire about time. Come inside for the final RaiderPower practice report from the Fall of 2007.

Quarterback :

Graham Harrell had another great day of practice and continues to improve on his reads and speed. Harrell has the full confidence of Coach Leach and is going to be a force to be reckoned with. He is doing a great job of finding all receivers without throwing to only one side or another.

Taylor Potts is doing a good job as the back-up but it is an advantage that he will be able to back-up starter for several seasons before he will be counted on in a clutch situation. Potts had several outstanding passes but will certainly need true game experience before he is able to entirely control the Air Raid offense.

Steven Sheffield has a beautiful touch on his passes, although he is still incredibly skinny and needs at least another 20 pounds before he is in the true for a Big XII quarterback. Bobby Scott and Stefan Loucks are still working with the scout team but will need to continue practicing before they are any where near as capable at running the Air Raid as the older quarterbacks.

Quarterback Depth Chart

Starter: Graham Harrell

Back-Up: Taylor Potts

3rd String: Steven Sheffield

Scout Team: Stefan Loucks/Bobby Scott

Overall Grade - A

Running Backs:

Shannon Woods has turned up the heat as he had a good day of practice and looks determined to regain his starting spot from last season. Baron Batch looks like he has completely recovered with a great burst and terrific speed. Kobey Lewis is still in the mix, although it isn't entirely sure as to what role he will hold.

It is nearly official that both freshman running backs will red shirt this coming season which will allow Aaron Crawford to work on his catching ability and Jared Flannel to gain weight needed to be a true competitor. Ryan Hayes may or may not see the field this year, possibly only in mop up time during blow outs.

Running Backs Depth Chart

Starter: Kobey Lewis

Back Up: Shannon Woods /Baron Batch

Scout Team: Ryan Hayes, Jared Flannel, Aaron Crawford Overall Grade - B+

Wide Receivers/Big H&Y:

LA Reed and Michael Crabtree both had another great day of practice while Lyle Leong is proving to be the most consistent of the young receivers. Edward Britton had a decent day but is still not as consistent as he needs to be to allow him to take significant snaps, should the need occur.

Eric Morris had a good day but also was over thrown on several occasions while running the pass skeleton drill. Danny Amendola nearly brought down a great one handed catch but was just slightly over thrown, which put the ball out of Amendola's reach. Detron Lewis continues to improve but there is not question that Tramain Swindall is doing the best of the freshmen receivers.

Rashad Hawk and Jacoby Franks continue to work with the scout team and look to red shirt, although knowing Texas Tech Head Coach Mike Leach he could change his mind at any point.

Receiver Depth Chart -

Z- Michael Crabtree, Lyle Leong, Landon Hoeffer, Jacoby Franks

Y- Danny Amendola, G. Walker, Tramain Swindall

H- Eric Morris, Kelly Hildebrandt/Detron Lewis/Adam James (Injured)

X- LA Reed, Eddie Britton, Brik Brinker (Todd Walker, injured), Rashad Hawk

Overall Grade - B

Offensive Line:

Rylan Reed continues to be moved about the offense as he took the starting left tackle spot while Louis Vasquez moved inside to guard. Jake Johnson played at right tackle while Brandon Carter and Shawn Byrnes were in their usual locations on the field. Johnson has apparently made a serious impression on offensive line coach Matt Moore and looks like he will be on the field more often this season.

The back-up line once again looked decent, although they did false start on several play sin a row. Mickey Okafor continues to see time as the right tackle while Rylan Reed makes his move around the line, trying to find a way to get the best 5 players on the field.

The scout team line is made up of almost exclusively true freshman but they are beginning to progress. It appears that all but Lonnie Edwards and Mickey Okafor will be red shirted.

Offensive Line Depth Chart -

Right Tackle: Rylan Reed, Jake Johnson, Mickey Okafor

Right Guard: Brandon Carter , Stephen Hamby, Dominique Delpeche

Center: Shawn Byrnes, Justin Keown, Blake Emert

Left Guard: Marlon Winn, Adrian Archie/Lonnie Edwards, Landon Burge

Left Tackle: Louis Vasquez, Chris Olson, Jerrod Gooch

Overall Grade - B

Defensive Line :

The defensive ends had a good day while Tyler Yenzer continues to rehab his injury from earlier in the week. Brandon Williams and Sandy Riley are working on the weak side once again, although it seems that neither has been picked as the starter. Jake Ratliff and Phillip Jones had a good day on the strong side and forced several runs to the outside that allowed the defensive pursuit to catch up to them and make the play.

Colby Whitlock and Bobby Agoucha saw significant time with the defense today and appear to have improved already from where they were just a few short weeks ago. Clint Stoffels picked up a fumble and was on his way in the opposite direction with it until the play was blown dead. Rajon Henley was a terrific force against the pass today and while he didn't record any sacks he did constantly harass the quarterbacks. The Jones brother (Richard and Brian that is) were their usual consistent duo, although Richard did appear to be injured at one point.

Strong Side (left) end: Jake Ratliff, Phillip Jones, Daniel Howard

Defensive Tackle (left): Rajon Henley, Brian Jones, Bobby Agoucha

Nose Guard (right): Clint Stoffels, Richard Jones, Colby Whitlock

Weak side (right) end: Brandon Williams, Tyler Yenzer(Injured)/Sandy Riley, Brandon Sharpe

Overall Grade - B+

Linebackers :

Chad Hill appears to have taken the starting weak side linebacker spot from Marlon Williams, although they still continue to rotate. Paul Williams and Kellen Tillman continue to be strong against the run and more than serviceable against the pass.

Victor Hunter did not practice today as he was held out for precautionary reasons. Marlon Williams and Ryan Hale saw time in the middle as Hunter was out and did a good job filling in for the "little ball of hate". Marlon Williams is by far one of the most versatile linebackers on the Tech roster and will contribute in some way next season. Julius Howard and Blake Collier continue to alternate for the 3rd team spot at weak side linebacker while Ty Linder, Taylor Read, and Brian Duncan are fighting for the strong side back-up position.

Fehoko, Bird, and Sonier continue to work with the scout team while it appears that so far no decision has been made one which players will be red shirted.

Linebackers Depth Chart

Weak Side Linebacker: Chad Hill/Marlon Williams, Julius Howard, Blake Collier, Tyrone Sonier

Middle Linebacker: Paul Williams, Victor Hunter(Injured, but practiced)/Marlon Williams, Ryan Hale, Sam Fehoko

Strong Side Linebacker: Kellen Tillman, Ty Linder, Brian Duncan/Bront Bird

Overall Grade - B+


Jamar Wall and Chris Parker had an outstanding day of practice as they both were forces against both the pass and the run. Marcus Bunton continues to struggle at times but his play from last season was solid and more of the same should be expected. Brent Nickerson continues to impress as he makes his case for increased playing time. He was able to break up a pass intended for Michael Crabtree in the end zone, not an easy thing to do.

Darcel McBath and Joe Garcia both had good days but Anthony Hines continues to be the best safety in practice, at least for the last few days. Daniel Charbonnet is extremely versatile and should be able to contribute somewhere on the field this coming season. Lance Fuller had a nice day but still looks to be half a step slow of being able to stay with the receivers.

Secondary Depth Chart -

Right Cornerback: Chris Parker, Marcus Bunton, Brent Nickerson, De'Shon Sanders

Free Safety: Darcel McBath, Daniel Charbonnet/Lance Fuller, Jordy Rowland

Strong Safety: Joe Garcia, Anthony Hines, Daniel Charbonnet

Left Cornerback: Jamar Wall, Pete Richardson/LaRon Moore

Overall Grade - A-

Now it's time for some awards

Offensive MVP: Graham Harrell

Defensive MVP: Chris Parker

Mr. Underrated: Rylan Reed

New Comer of the Day: Bobby Agoucha

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