Askew: "I was absolutely blown away!"

The Red Raiders hosted not only the Texas A&M Aggies this past weekend, but also Arkansas defensive tackle Lavunce Askew. The 6'2, 280 pound prospect was absolutely "blown away" by what he saw on the South Plains. Come inside to read this exclusive Q&A with one of the Red Raider's top targets. Texas Tech fans will like what Askew had to say.

RP: Overall, how did your trip to Lubbock go?

LA: I loved everything.  I loved the fans.  I loved the atmosphere.  I loved the players.  I loved the campus.  I loved the cheerleaders.  Everything.  I just can't explain how fun it was.

RP: Do you have any plans to visit again?

LA: I'm going to try to come back when I can.  It will just depend on if I can afford it.  The gas to get there is expensive.

RP: What did you think of the Red Raiders performance on the field?

LA: They played great.  Texas Tech out worked them as always.

RP: Did you get a chance to hang out with the players?

LA: Brandon Williams, Rajon Henley, and Marlon Williams all showed me around.  They kept encouraging me to come to Tech.  Those guys are real cool.

RP: What were thoughts on the atmosphere at the game?

LA: Let the fans know that they were over the top.  They had signs and were chanting my name.  This wasn't just the students either.  There were little kids chanting my name.  One of the kids even asked me to sign his hat.

RP: What did you think of the Texas Tech campus?

LA: The campus was wonderful.  Everything was close so it's ok not to have a car.  They also let you live in an apartment as a freshman.  They also are in the top 10 for graduating players.  Now how many schools can say that?

RP: What did you think about Lubbock?

LA: Actually, it looked just like my hometown, just a lot more people and more things to do.  They took me around and showed me the whole town.

RP: How would you compare your visit to your one at Arkansas?

LA: No comment.  I don't want to start any drama.

RP: Which schools are you still considering?

LA: Just Arkansas and Texas Tech.


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