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At the midway point of the conference schedule Colorado has established a sizeable lead in the north, while Texas fights to stay close to Oklahoma in the south. How will it all play out? Read my predictions for the conference races, along with other stories from around the Big 12, in this week's column.

Colorado Pulling Away
With a win over Texas Tech on Saturday, Colorado now stands at 4-0 in conference play. This gives the Buffaloes a two game lead over Iowa State, Kansas State, and Nebraska. Iowa State and Nebraska can catch Colorado if they win out, beat Colorado, and Colorado loses one other game. I think Colorado loses this weekend at Oklahoma, so both of those teams are still in the race. Kansas State needs Colorado to lose three of their next four games in order to have any chance of winning the division. Right now this is really a three team race. My prediction right now is Colorado winning the North in a race that goes down to the final weekend.

Texas Trying to Keep Pace
Texas is currently 3-1 in conference play following a win over Iowa State on Saturday. Right now in order to win the south Texas must win out, and Oklahoma must lose two more games. I don't really see the Sooners losing two games the rest of the season. The next two games should be their toughest as they face Colorado and Texas A&M. Oklahoma might lose one of those games, but they probably go undefeated the remainder of the regular season. My prediction is the Sooners winning the south as Texas drops at least one more game this season.

The Rest of the South
Texas Tech and Texas A&M both lost this past Saturday. If either team is going to grab second place in the south they will probably have to win out. This will be tough, as both teams must face Oklahoma and Texas. You can be sure that fans of both schools will be watching the Texas vs. Nebraska game with interest. If Texas loses we have a three way tie again. My only prediction for this race is that Texas loses on Saturday, and this race goes down to the final two games the Longhorns play.

Heisman Hopefuls? Are there any more Heisman hopefuls in the Big 12? Texas Tech quarterback Kliff Kingsbury, who leads the nation in passing, was beginning to gain some recognition following a record setting performance against Missouri. Any gains he made in that game were lost when the Texas Tech offense fell apart against Colorado. Iowa State quarterback Seneca Wallace's Heisman hopes looked solid early on in conference play, but Iowa State's losses in the last two games might have crushed those hopes. The only way either of these players wins the Heisman is if their teams win out, win their divisions, and win the Big 12 Championship. Colorado running back Chris Brown, the nation's leader in yards per carry, is probably the only player in the conference with a realistic chance of winning the Heisman. If Colorado wins the Big 12, Chris Brown will be in New York.

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