McDonald returns from Arkansas visit

After committing to Texas Tech last week, SF Montrell McDonald began having second thoughts and decided to visit Arkansas over the weekend. caught up with McDonald to find out what he thought of his visit to Arkansas and whether he's made a final decision yet. Come inside for the very latest...

Despite making a verbal commitment to the Red Raiders after his visit to Lubbock, Cowley College SF Montrell McDonald decided to visit Arkansas over the weekend, thus keeping his recruitment status up in the air. talked with Cowley College Head Coach Steve Eck this afternoon to see if Montrell had come to a definite decision yet.

"I talked with Montrell earlier, but he is still trying to decide what's best for him and hasn't made a final decision yet," Coach Eck reported.

At the moment, Montrell is avoiding reporters as he weighs the pros and cons of each program, but reporter Dudley Dawson was able to catch up with Montrell during his visit to Arkansas, and the visit seemed to be very positive for the Razorbacks.

"Man, I like everything about Arkansas," McDonald said on Saturday. "I've only been here a day, but the players have really taken me in and made me feel great and I am amazed at how much the fans know who you are and care about you becoming a part of their program.

"I am just going to have to get back and sit down with my coach and talk about everything," McDonald added. "I could make a decision next week or it could be a little longer. I just don't know yet, but I can definitely can say I am liking what I see here."

Don't count the Red Raiders out just yet, though. Despite his positive impression of the Razorbacks, McDonald remains committed to Texas Tech, although his commitment status is definitely more up in the air than previously thought.

"It's really just Arkansas and Texas Tech," McDonald said. "Those are the two. Of course somebody may have called my coach while I was gone so we will just add everything up when we talk." will keep you informed as this story develops.

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