Joel Gray up to 11 offers

The last two offers for Joel Gray puts him at a total of 11 offers. This prototypical offensive tackle with ideal size and footwork has had some of the top teams in the nation coming by Lewisville (Texas) Hebron to check him out. has the inside scoop on which programs plan on stopping by his school this week.

At 6-foot-6 and 285-pounds, Joel Gray was excited to get back onto the football field, albeit just for practices, this spring for Lewisville (Texas) Hebron High School.

"We are into our spring practices," Gray said. "It feels good to be back out on the field this spring. It hasn't gotten hot yet, fortunately.

"On Friday it got up into the 90s on the field. On the field it's always about 10 degrees warmer or so, but it hasn't gotten hot yet.

"We're finding all of the pieces of the team that we lost from last year. We had our fourth practice today. Things are going pretty well."

The book-end offensive tackle with the size and feet that you look for in an offensive tackle knows that a lot of schools have been by to see him at the school. Just how many schools and who are a mystery when they come during practice.

"I couldn't really tell you all of the teams that have been by the school. I know that Nebraska, Oklahoma, Ole Miss, Texas Tech, Stanford and Virginia are coming tomorrow.

"To be honest, I don't know everyone that has come by because some of them come by when we are at practice. I just don't know them all."

If there is a count and a list that Gray does know it's who has extended an offer to him. Gray knows that the last two offers over the past week or so has raised his total to 11.

"I got an offer from Virginia last week on Thursday and I got an offer from Nebraska yesterday. Those two offers bring me to a total of 11."

"I have offers from Nebraska, Virginia, Louisville, Ole Miss, Stanford, Arizona, Texas Tech, Louisiana Tech, Tulsa, Houston and Kansas."

The Nebraska offer is the latest for Gray. Gray is humbled by each and every offer that he has received because he knows what it means, deep down, to get that type of a commitment from a team.

"It's an honor to get an offer from any school. They think enough of you that they'll pay for your school for you to come and play for them. Every time I get an offer, I am very honored."

Gray earned All-District honors as a sophomore and a junior and was also recognized as second team All-State after a strong 2007 season.

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