4 star lineman has Tech in his top 2

Jeremiah Sirles, the huge 6-foot-8, 300 pound four-star offensive tackle from Bear Creek High School in Lakewood, Colo., has nine scholarship offers but says he favors two: Louisville and Texas Tech. The 4 star lineman has been playing in an exact replica of Texas Tech's offense at Bear Creek and is very interested in taking his talents to Lubbock, TX.

Jeremiah Sirles, the huge 6-foot-8, 300 pound four-star offensive tackle from Bear Creek High School in Lakewood, Colo., has nine scholarship offers but says he favors two: Louisville and Texas Tech.

The Cardinals and Red Raiders remain solid leaders over Colorado, Arizona State and Kansas State. All have offered as well as Colorado State, Nebraska, New Mexico State, New Mexico and Northwestern.

"Texas Tech and Louisville are definitely my top two," Sirles said. "I feel like I could do well at either of those programs."

Sirles already attended the Texas Tech spring game and says the Red Raiders are recruiting him the hardest. "I love their offense," he said. "Watching them play is like watching our high school. We run the same offense and I think I'd fit in well there. I also love how the whole town really supports the team.

"They seem to really like me too," he said. "They send me a lot of stuff everyday and a lot of it is handwritten. I really like the coaches and I got to spend a lot of time talking to head coach Mike Leach and (offensive line coach) Matt Moore. They said that if I redshirted my freshman year that I could really compete for a starting spot as a sophomore."

Although Sirles hasn't visited Louisville yet, he plans on attending their camp on July 13. "I talk with (running back) coach Tony Alford like once a week," Sirles said. "Plus he came out to Colorado just to talk to me and I really like how committed they are to me and how committed they are to winning. I love how on top of recruiting they are. When the coaches found out that I wanted to major in sports medicine, they immediately sent me a bunch of information about their sports medicine program."

While Texas Tech and Louisville are Sirles' personal favorites, his parents would like to seem him stay closer to home and attend Colorado. "They want me to stay close," he said. "But it's not that big of a deal for me. If I end up at Colorado it's going to be because I feel I could be successful there and help them and not because they are only 45 minutes away.

"I really like (head) coach Dan Hawkins," Sirles said. "He's a great man and he's really turning them around. I feel they can be a contender for the Big 12 in the next few years."

Sirles says he followed Michigan as a youngster. "I just loved the offense and all the players that came from there," he said. "They are a great program with a lot of tradition and history. I'm also really curious to see how coach Rich Rodgriguez does there and how the offense looks.

"Michigan isn't recruiting me," he said. "I'm on their board but haven't really gotten anything from them yet."

The first school to offer Sirles was Kansas State during his sophomore year. "I went out there as a sophomore and loved how they really took me in," Sirles said. "They really showed me a lot of interest. They've been very open with me and honest and upfront with me. I really like coach Ron Prince as a person and I think that reflects on the program."

Besides attending the Louisville camp in July, Sirles says he also plans to visit Arizona State during the summer. "My dad's company has its headquarters in Tucson and we're gonna go there this summer," he said. "When we're there we'll head up to Phoenix so I can see Arizona State. I really like (recruiting coordinator) Matt Lubick and they are always a top BCS team."

Despite Sirles' solid preferences, he says he doesn't expect to make a decision anytime soon. "I want to decide toward the end of my season, but before the playoffs," he said. "I want to be able to focus on my senior year and not have to keep hearing the question, 'where are you going to go?'"

Aside from a good sports medicine program, Sirles says he's also looking for a great coaching staff. "I want coaches that will be straight up with me," he said. "I don't want coaches to sugarcoat things or tell me that I'll play as a freshman. I want to know the coaches well and trust them.

"I really like programs that are organized and coaches that are very hands-on," Sirles said. "This is a huge decision and I plan on leaning on my friends, family and coaches. But ultimately it's going to be my decision. It's really hard."

He says he can bench 315 pounds and squats 405. "I'm a great pass blocker," he said. "Our whole offense is based on what Texas Tech runs, so we pass block a lot. I get great leverage with my long arms and I can get my hands on a defender quickly and stay in front of them."

Sirles, already Scout.com's No. 22 offensive tackle nationwide, looks forward toward improving and is willing to do what it takes. "I want to improve my footspeed," he said. "I want to be quicker and more agile. I'm working on my flexibility a lot. I also want to stay lower when run blocking and bend my knees more."

He reports a 3.5 core GPA and is awaiting his ACT results.

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