Texas Tech Dominates Spartak Moscow 107-65

In their first exhibition game of the season the Texas Tech Lady Raiders showed their offensive abilities as they scored 107 points on the visiting Spartak Moscow Team. Senior forward <b>Plenette Pierson</b> led all scorers with 22 points in just 22 minutes of play.

The first half of the game was played fairly close as Coach Marsha Sharp tried out a number of different lineups. Texas Tech took control of the game late in the second half, and never looked back. The Lady Raiders took a 42-30 lead into halftime.

In the second half it was all Texas Tech. The starters were able to build a lead a substantial lead in the second half before Coach Sharp let the rest of the team get some playing time. The Lady Raiders got a chance to show off their depth for a good portion of the second half. The bench players were able to come in and play without much of a drop in performance. In the second half, the Lady Raiders outscored Spartak Moscow by 30 points on their way to a 107-65 victory.


Offensively the Lady Raiders showed what they are capable of tonight. The biggest improvement offensively was the amount of movement on the offensive end. Players were constantly moving, which allowed the Texas Tech offense to get better shots than it did last game against Louisiana Tech. Another important factor in the offensive improvement was ball movement. The Lady Raiders were willing to make the extra pass in order to get a better shot. These two improvements resulted in a very efficient offense. The Lady Raiders scored 37 field goals on 18 assists, giving them a field goal to assist ratio of just over 2 to 1. Erin Grant led the way with 8 assists, and just 2 turnovers, in 21 minutes of playing time. Offensive rebounding was also greatly improved in this game. Texas Tech was strong on the offensive glass, grabbing 29 offensive rebounds to Spartak Moscow's 25 defensive rebounds. Cisti Greenwalt had a team high 5 offensive rebounds. This led to 21 second chance points for the Texas Tech offense. The only negative on offense was the number of turnovers. It didn't hurt them too much tonight, but 19 turnovers isn't something that Texas Tech can give up against strong opponents.


Defensively the Lady Raiders also made some good improvements in this exhibition game. Rebounding on the defensive end of the floor was a big problem against Louisiana Tech. Tonight the Lady Raiders were dominant on the defensive glass, grabbing 28 defensive rebounds while only giving up 7 offensive rebounds. Plenette Pierson had 11 of her 14 rebounds on the defensive end. This one improvement really allowed the defense to shine tonight. The defense also showed good aggressiveness throughout the game. Jia Perkins showed great anticipation as she had a game high 6 steals. This included an impressive string of 3 straight steals in the first half. When this defense is forcing turnovers and getting rebounds it really allows the Lady Raiders to get the fast break going. If Texas Tech can play defense like they did tonight the Lady Raiders will win lots of games.


Rebounding - While Spartak Moscow wasn't as good a rebounding team as Louisiana Tech, winning the rebounding battle 57-32 is very impressive. Plenette Pierson led the way with 14 rebounds. It was good to see Cisti Greenwalt show some improved rebounding as well. Greenwalt ended the game with 7 rebounds. Hopefully the Lady Raiders can continue their hard work on the boards.
Depth - This team has great depth. Their aren't many teams that can take their starters out without a significant drop-off in performance. Tonight the Lady Raiders showed that they can do just that. This depth will be a great asset, especially during the tough Big 12 schedule. It's also encouraging to know that there are some great players waiting to take over leadership roles in the future.

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