McKinney Changes Positions

Switching positions in the midst of a high school career can be detrimental to recruiting. It's hard enough for coaches to evaluate ones skills at their natural position, but to evaluate a player at his secondary position and project how he will fit in the system usually works against the athlete. Dion McKinney, however, is certain making the switch won't negatively affect his recruiting.

Dion McKinney of Leander High School (TX) is a lock down corner. Rated the number 16 player in central Texas, McKinney is forced to switch from his natural cornerback position to free safety for the upcoming football season. New to the safety position, he unselfishly does what he was to do for the wellbeing of the team although he has been drawing heavy attention from colleges at cornerback.

"My coach needed me to play safety. I don't mind because it will make us a better team. I feel that I am a leader and these are sacrifices leaders have to make."

But what's good for the team does not always translate into what is good for the player. However, McKinney feels that the switch is a benefit for everyone.

"Colleges will see my versatility. I can play both positions and they have enough film on me playing corner from last year."

"UTEP told me that they are going to offer me June 20th when I go to the camp. They know I have switched my position but they still want me as a cornerback."

McKinney is also seeing interest from SMU and Texas Tech.

"I went to Tech for the Junior Day and it was great. You could tell the coaches are players coaches. The way they interacted with the recruits has cool. The weight lifting facility was crazy too."

McKinney plans on camping at Texas State, SMU, UTEP, and Baylor, but you will not see him doing drills with the safeties.

"I am going to play corner. They are recruiting me at that position, and since I'm not playing it next season I want to show them what I can do. will monitor McKinney's recruitment and track his development as a safety.

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