Offer Near for Memphis Linebacker?

In recent years, Tennessee has become a hotbed for recruiting for Texas Tech. 3-star linebacker Derrick Webb out of Memphis, TN has been receiving a lot of recruiting interest from Texas Tech as of late. caught up with Webb to find out if an offer is coming and what he likes about the Red Raiders.

The Red Raiders have seen a burst in recruiting action in Tennessee over the past few years, due in large part to Assistant Coach Dennis Simmons, a native of Memphis. Most recently, Coach Simmons has been in talks with LB Derrick Webb from Whitehaven High in Memphis, TN.

"I know [Coach Simmons] is from Memphis, and his mom still lives here, so we have that in common," Webb explained.

"I talked with him in the middle of last week. We talked a lot. He said that he really liked my film and after my position's coach looks at the film, I may get an offer from Texas Tech, so that was really good news for me."

And would Texas Tech be a serious consideration for Webb?

"If I get an offer from them, I'll have to look at how many linebackers they're taking and see how I would fit into the system."

Although Webb sees upsides to staying close to home, distance will not factor into his decision too much.

"It's not a big deal for me to stay in Tennessee. I mean, it would be nice to stay here, but I could see myself going to Texas too. It's still southern, and I'm already used to the climate, so I don't think it would be hard to adjust. Plus, the Big 12 is a good conference. "I definitely would be willing to take a visit to Lubbock if an offer is on the table."

For now, Derrick is favoring Ole Miss and hoping to get more interest from SEC schools.

"As far as favorites, I thought that I would have an offer from Tennessee, me being a hometown kid, but that's not really working out. I would say Ole Miss right now is my favorite. They're my only SEC offer."

Webb is confident that he will be successful at whichever school he ultimately chooses. He is 6'0", 205 lbs. and is able to line up as a middle or outside linebacker.

"I would say my strength is playing middle linebacker even though some coaches are looking at me to play outside linebacker. Middle linebacker is my best position because of my speed and strength. I can make plays with my feet and still get to the outside easily.

"I also have good football instincts, which helps me play middle linebacker. And I'm good at pass coverage. I made a good name for myself in pass coverage going to Nike, Adidas, and UnderArmour camps going 1-on-1 with receivers."

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