Coach on Cobb: "He's the Leader of the Team"

Back in April, Texas Tech was the choice for Killen Ellison defensive back Daniel Cobb. With more than six weeks passed, RaiderPower wanted a little more information on one of the Red Raiders' 2009 recruits. And what better way to get the inside information than from the high school coach. We talked with Ellison coach Buddy McBryde for this update.

One of Texas Tech's early commits came from the Central Texas area when Killen Ellison defensive back Daniel Cobb gave a verbal. Now that Cobb has given an early pledge to play ball in Lubbock, RaiderPower has decided to find out more about the 6-foot-1, 205-pound Cobb.

"Daniel (Cobb) is a great leader academically and athletically," Ellison head coach Buddy McBryde said. "He holds a 3.3 GPA and is a four-year starter for us. Not only is he the leader of our defense, but of our team."

According to McBryde, one of the things that sets Cobb apart from other players is his ability to move on when faced with adversity.

And that is something that cannot be coached.

"He doesn't make many mistakes, but when he does he handles it very well," McBryde said. "In fact, we kind of look forward to when he may fumble a punt or something because when he gets the next one, it will probably be his best return of the night.

"After a mistake is when he is on his best game. He is not one to throw a pity party."

Of course, as the leader of the Eagles' defense, Cobb is aggressive and quick to the ball. But this season, teams will see him line up in other places as well because of his athleticism.

"He has been at free safety for three years now, but he will also play some offense for us," McBryde said. "He played at running back in our spring game and had two runs of 70 yards. Of course defensively, he was the same old Daniel."

With that said, McBryde is commenting on what Cobb brings to the table as a defender. Last season, Cobb had 104 tackles (second on the team) and three interceptions. Not only is he a threat on defense, but also in the special teams.

That is another one of his ‘gifts.'

"He has a knack for returning punts," McBryde said. "When we really needed a good return, he was also ready and gave us one. He had 250 yards returning and scored three touchdowns."

Aside from all of this, McBryde said that Cobb is a coachable athlete who is very dedicated to the game.

"I think that when he moves on, the biggest thing that coaches will see in him is his willingness to work hard," McBryde said. "He is so dedicated and coachable. It is a pleasure to coach such a gifted and talented football player."

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