BREAKING- MSU QB Looks to Transfer to Tech

RaiderPower has learned that a former Michigan State quarterback is transferring out of the program and is strongly considering Texas Tech. Come inside to find out who this talented signal caller is and to get all of the details about this breaking development.

Nick Foles, a redshirt freshman originally from Austin Westlake High, has made the decision to transfer from Michigan State and has been in contact with Texas Tech about the possibility of transferring to Lubbock. Foles made the decision to transfer after QB Keith Nichol transferred to Michigan State from Oklahoma. RaiderPower caught up with Foles to find out what his plans are and how the Red Raiders figure into those plans.

"I have definitely made the decision to transfer from Michigan State," Foles reported. "Right now, I'm mainly just looking at Texas Tech and New Mexico. I am looking for a school that's closer to home."

Foles has been in contact with wide receivers coach Lincoln Riley to discuss the possibility of transferring.

"I've talked with Coach Riley. I haven't had a chance to talk with Coach Leach yet. Coach Riley and I haven't set up a visit yet, but I'm trying to get down there pretty soon."

What appeals to Foles about Texas Tech?

"Just growing up in Texas, I always followed the Big 12 and watched Texas Tech a lot. I love the offense they run and think that it would be a fun one to QB."

In addition to the football program, Foles likes the atmosphere and has a lot of friends from high school who are now students at Texas Tech.

"Tech seems like a good, fun school with great people," he enthused. "I think it would be a good fit for me."

Despite being so far north for his first year of college, Nick has heard plenty about Biletnikoff Award winner WR Michael Crabtree. And the opportunity to throw to receivers of his caliber is one of the big draws for Foles.

"Being in Michigan and in the Big 10 conference, I wasn't able to watch a whole lot of Texas Tech last year. But of course I know about Crabtree. Everybody knows about him. He had tons of national coverage."

At 6'5 ½" and 240 pounds, Foles would be the biggest quarterback to play for Texas Tech in the Mike Leach era.

"As far as strengths, I have a strong arm. My size is another strength. I'm a pro-style quarterback, and I'm able to sit in the pocket and have good vision because of my height."

And while Foles does not want to make a rash decision, he feels confident that he will be able to find the right school quickly.

"We began this process a week or two ago, so I think that I'll be able to make a decision fairly soon. I just want to make the right decision for me with regards to school and the football program. Academics is very important to me as well, so I have to make sure that the school is the right fit for me too."

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