Lady Raiders down Houston Jaguars 97-36

In their final exhibition game of the season, the Lady Raiders had a dominant performance on both ends of the court against the Houston Jaquars. Sophomore Cisti Greenwalt led the team with 20 points, 10 rebounds, and 6 points.

The Lady Raiders were in complete control of this game from the start. Texas Tech showed just how dominant it can be by taking a 45-10 lead at the half. The only real scare in the first half was when Plennete Pierson went down hard with about 8 minutes to go in the half. Coach Sharp said, "I think she just fell on her knee, and I think everything is great". Pierson stayed on the bench because of the big lead that the Lady Raiders had in the game.

At halftime, the Lady Raiders honored Head Coach Marsha Sharp for her selection to the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame, as well as her other accomplishments at Texas Tech. Coach sharp was thrilled with the players, saying, "It was an awesome honor from them", she went on to say, "it made the whole event a lot more special for me"

In the second half, the Lady Raiders continued their dominant ways. Texas Tech outscored Houston 52-26 in the second half, giving the Lady Raiders a 97-36 victory.


When the Lady Raiders' offense is working on all cylinders, they are a tough team to stop. This game showed the versatility that Texas Tech has on the offensive end of the court. Texas Tech was able to score inside and outside during the game. The Lady Raiders scored 54 points in the paint, but Texas Tech also shot 6-14 from beyond the 3-point line. It will be hard to stop the Lady Raider offense if they can continue to score from all over the court. The offensive talent on this team was made clear after Plenette Pierson left the game with an injury. Several players were able to take over some of Pierson's scoring duties. Cisti Greenwalt led the team with 20 points and 4 offensive rebounds. Greenwalt showed an aggressive style of play that she hadn't shown in previous games this year. Texas Tech had 39 field goals on 24 assists. This statistic indicates that the offense is getting many good shots due to ball movement. Erin Grant kept the offense running smoothly with 11 assists, and no turnovers, in the game. Grant had a number of spectacular plays. The Lady Raider offense looks good heading into the home opener with Washington. There is some room for improvement, but that should happen as the Lady Raiders play better opponents.


Defensively, this was an outstanding performance. Any time you can hold a team to 36 points the defense is playing well. The key in today's game was the post defense early in the game. When the Lady Raider defense was able to shut down the Houston post players, Houston abandoned the post game. From that point, Houston relied on shooting jump shots, which proved to be an ineffective strategy. The statistics are a great indicator of how well the defense played tonight. Houston made 14 of 69 shots (20.3%) and 4 of 23 (17.4%) 3-point attempts. The defensive effort was helped by Cisti Greenwalt's 6 blocks in the game. Greenwalt said, "blocking shots is what puts the swagger in me". The Lady Raiders also continued to force turnovers in this game. 21 Houston turnovers led to 33 Texas Tech points. Erin Grant and Chesley Dabbs led the team with 4 steals each. Defensive rebounding continued to improve tonight as well. Coach Sharp said that the Lady Raiders "rebounded the ball better against better athletes". The defensive rebounding came from several players. Greenwalt had 6 defensive rebounds, while Erin Grant, Jia Perkins, Jolee Ayers, and Jametra Clark had 5 defensive rebounds each. Texas Tech had a 39-19 rebounding edge on the defensive glass. The defense is playing well, but has to continue to improve if the Lady Raiders are going to achieve their goals. The Lady Raiders have a week to practice before facing Washington. Erin Grant said, "our defense will probably be the key focus".

Cisti Greenwalt – Cisti Greenwalt had an impressive gane today. Greenwalt led the team in points (20), blocks (6), and was tied for the lead in rebounds (10). Greenwalt played a much more aggressive game today. If Greenwalt can play with this same confidence in the regular season, she will be a force on both ends of the court.
Defense – Today Lady Raider fans got to see just how good this defense can be. Houston had only managed 10 points in the first half of the game. Texas Tech accomplished this through a total team effort on the defensive end. Thanks to some great rotation, the Lady Raiders were in position to play good defense. When the ball went inside the defense was able to seal the baseline and double team if the opposing player tried to go through the lane. This caused Houston to shoot from the perimeter, allowing the guards to use their quickness to shut down the offense.

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