Emory Blake Names Favorites

With almost 20 offers, Austin High WR Emory Blake is one of the top receiver prospects in the country. Scout.com recently caught up with him to see how the USC Rising Stars Camp went and to find out who his favorites are. Did Texas Tech make the cut? Come inside to find out.

Emory Blake recently attended the USC Rising Stars Camp. The well-spoken 2009 wide receiver drew attention of observers at the camp. Blake is a Top 300 Scout.com 3-star wide receiver. He hails from Austin High School (TX) and has numerous scholarship offers in hand. Scout.com caught up with Blake to discuss his experience at the camp.

Emory Blake on the Rising Stars Camp

"There was a lot of good competition there, a lot of top recruits: Marlon Brown, Matt Barkley and Randall Carroll. The competition there was really good and I felt like I performed really well on the one-on-ones. On the seven-on-sevens I ran good routes and caught all the balls."

Current Stats

Blake reported his stats as, "Height and weight: 6'2"/190 lbs. On the first 40 I ran a 4.7 and a 4.6 on the second...that was without stretching, right off the plane."

Recruiting Status

On his performance, Blake said, "The [USC] coaches said they thought I looked good and I performed well, but I didn't get a scholarship offer. I've got about 17-18 offers right now."

Blake says his favorites are Oregon, Texas, Texas Tech, Missouri, Colorado, Nebraska and Florida. He says that geography will not play a role in his choice of college.

When asked about how he will make his choice, Blake responded, "I plan on visiting the schools and see how I like them. I'll look at the coaching staff, the campus and the players."

Blake plans to visit Florida over the summer. He may take other trips but have not planned them yet. Blake also stated that he would take official visits during the school year.

In response to when he'll make his decision, Blake said, "Whenever I feel is the right time, when I find the right school, and I feel it's the school I want to go to, I'll make that decision. There's no set date or set time."

So What's Next?

Commenting on his summer plans, Blake said, "The rest of the summer I plan to train and try to get stronger and faster."

Blake reports a 2.8-2.9 GPA. He has taken the SAT exam on June 7th and is awaiting his scores.

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