Reilly Still a Red Raider

Things can change a lot in two years, especially for 18 and 19 year-old kids coming out of high school. For Escondido (CA) LB Trevor Reilly, however, two years just gave him more time to be reassured that his decision to become a Red Raider was the right one.

Trevor Reilly originally signed a letter of intent with Texas Tech in 2006 but decided to defer enrollment for two years to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Stockholm, Sweden. A year and a half into his service, Trevor has decided to resign with Texas Tech when he returns. caught up with Trevor's father, Russ Reilly, to find out the latest.

"Trevor will get home at the end of January, and he plans to head out to Lubbock immediately to begin workouts," Russ explained. "He feels like the extra time will help him because he will have from February until spring practices start to focus on getting into shape."

That isn't to say that Trevor hasn't been working hard to stay in shape while he's in Sweden. He lifts weights each day and has actually been able to bulk up.

"The [LDS] Church encourages missionaries to stay in good physical condition, so that has made it a lot easier for Trevor to work out and stay in shape. When he left, he was 6'5" and weighed 195 pounds. He's grown an inch over the past year and is up to 225 pounds now. Size-wise, he's built a lot like former linebacker John Saldi."

When Reilly signed in 2006, he came in as an outside linebacker. Russ noted that he is still expecting to play linebacker, but that with the coaching changes that have taken place and the added weight on Trevor's frame, he may see some action at the line as well.

"With the new defensive coordinator Ruffin McNeill, they have kind of a new position where they bring a linebacker up to the defensive line to be a stand-up end and get to the ball. So Trevor may see some time there as well."

Trevor's plans to go on a church mission figured heavily into his decision, and Russ says that the support he received from the coaching staff was what ultimately helped him decide to become a Red Raider.

"When he was being recruited by Texas Tech, he had the chance to talk with another linebacker who had also served a mission, Brock Stratton. Brock told him that Texas Tech was a great place to play and that people were very respectful of his religion, which reassured Trevor that he would be comfortable playing in Lubbock.

"Trevor is obviously hoping that Coach Leach will still be there when he gets back. Coach Leach talked to him and told him, ‘However you want to do it is great. If you want to come to school for a year and then go on a mission, that's great. If you want to serve a mission first and then come play, that will also work.' Once Trevor heard that, he knew Tech was where he wanted to go."

Reilly was also instrumental in helping land another standout linebacker, Hawaii native Sam Fehoko.

"Trevor is good friends with Sam Fehoko and actually got him to take a visit to Lubbock just before he signed. He is close with Sam and excited that they will be playing together."

Despite being half a world away, Reilly is still getting interest from other schools.

"Trevor's older brother plays for Utah, and his younger brother just signed with Colorado State, so the coaches from those schools call me pretty often asking if Trevor is interested in coming to play for them. But I let them know that Trevor is still solid to Texas Tech."

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