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Colorado has won the North Division, but who will they play? Texas Tech is going to Norman on Saturday to play Oklahoma for the right to face Colorado in the Big 12 Championship game. This week I also take a look at the Texas Championship, as well as the Big 12's chances for a Heisman winner.

Winner Take All
When the 2002 schedules were released, it looked like Texas Tech at Oklahoma could help decide the race in the South, but nobody saw it shaping up this way. Thanks to a 42-38 victory over Texas, Texas Tech will be facing Oklahoma in a winner take all game for the Big 12 South. This is a tough game to call right now. Both teams have stepped up in big games this year. At the most basic level this game becomes a match between the best offense in the conference and the best defense in the conference. Typically, I would pick the defense in that situation, but I'm not sure that even Oklahoma can stop the Texas Tech offense if they play as well as they did against Texas.

Colorado Wins the North
Colorado clinched the Big 12 North Division with a 41-27 win over Iowa State. Colorado is still playing for bowl position, and they still have a tough game ahead of them when they visit Nebraska. Nebraska is also playing to improve their bowl prospects. This should be a good game, especially if Colorado running back Chris Brown sits out due to injury.

The Best in Texas
Texas Tech has earned the honor of being the best team in Texas this season. The Red Raiders earned the honor with wins over Texas, Texas A&M, Baylor, and SMU. The most impressive win was the victory over Texas. Quarterback Kliff Kingsbury led the offense to 606 total yards against the highly ranked Texas Defense. There is still some debate over second place in the state. The winner of the Texas A&M at Texas game will earn second place with a 2-1 record against the Big 12 teams from Texas.

Heisman Watch
As the season winds down there are only two Big 12 players with a chance to win the Heisman. Colorado's Chris Brown will probably get a trip to New York barring a total meltdown by Colorado. The other candidate is Texas Tech's Kliff Kingsbury. While Kingsbury has been out of the race most of the season, he forced his way into the race last Saturday. Kingsbury still faces a tough road if he wants to go to New york. It will probably take nothing less than impressive performances against Oklahoma Saturday, and Colorado in the Championship game for Kingsbury to get to New York.

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