One-on-one with L.A. Reed

With his recent switch from safety to cornerback, L.A. Reed has been generating quite a buzz at fall football practice. RaiderPower had a chance to talk with L.A. about his feelings on the switch and how he plans to be a leader on defense.

After transitioning from wide receiver to safety to cornerback, L.A. Reed has shown that he is one of the most versatile players on the Red Raiders' roster.

The defensive coaches are committed to ensuring that the best athletes are on the field, and Reed is heralded by many to be the most athletic player on the team. Defensive coordinator Ruffin McNeill has had nothing but praise for L.A. so far, and he seems intent on giving Reed a chance to compete for a starting spot at cornerback.

While his newest position switch may require some getting used to, Reed is confident in his ability to pick up the new schema and translate his athletic prowess into success at defensive back.

L.A. Reed Interview-

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