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Texas Tech Head Coach Mike Leach and his Red Raiders returned to the practice field after their excursion to Jones AT&T stadium for a slightly shorter practice before a day of full pads on Saturday. RaiderPower was there to cover all of the action and talked with two up and coming defensive stars. Come inside for the RaiderPower Friday practice report.

News & Notes

Edward Britton continues to have an outstanding fall camp, showing off soft hands along with his trademark tenacity in blocking down the field for his fellow Texas Tech receivers. The biggest difference is that when Britton does drop a ball, he quickly forgets about it and doesn't let his drops affect his confidence.

• A practice that started off without the trademark Ruffin McNeil intensity was ignited when safety Jordy Rowland demolished redshirt freshman Y receiver Tramain Swindall. Swindall would make up for his drop after the hit with a brilliant catch in traffic during team drills.

Rajon Henley beat the interior of the Red Raiders defensive line on two consecutive plays, though he was stopped stone cold by Aaron Crawford on a blitz pick-up the first time and couldn't quite catch a rolling out Taylor Potts the second time.

Brian Duncan is the unquestioned leader of the Red Raider defense and led by example with a brilliant interception that had him looking more like the intended receiver than a defender.

Brandon Sesay had a strong day of practice and absolutely dominated Mickey Okafor at one point. Sesay also forced Shannon Woods outside to allow the defensive pursuit to stop him for no gain, which led to an interesting outcome. More on that later.

Seth Doege seems to have recovered completely and was running around with the scout offense, simulating option and draw plays at will. He also appears to have fairly good open field speed.

• Defensive tackle David Neill got into an altercation with guard Jake Johnson that saw Neill's helmet physically yanked off. Neill continues to impress during practice and could be a pleasant surprise during the season in the mold of a Dek Bake type quick tackle.

• Taylor Potts had another strong day of practice and seemed much more confident in himself and the things that were going on around him. He didn't exclusively check-down and took several risky throws that paid off in the end.

Bront Bird has looked strong in the last few days of practice and looked good again today. He could be the best tackler out of the linebackers and is undoubtedly one of the fastest.

Brandon Sharpe could be a surprise name heard this coming season as he continues to provide very solid play from the left end position. Stronger and faster than this time last year with a full year to get healthy and learn the defense, he should help Tech with its pass-rush woes.

Donnie Carona and Cory Fowler seem to be in a more direct competition than originally anticipated with Carona having some issues from intermediate and long ranges today. Fowler continues to be very accurate, though not necessarily with a leg strong enough to make the big kicks.

Stephen Hamby did his best Street Car Named Desire impression as he yelled "HUDDLE!" instead of Stella during today's practice.

• The previously alluded to altercation between Brandon Sesay and Shannon Woods wins Woods the "Bonehead play of the day" award. After the defense stopped Woods for no gain or a short loss, Sesay made certain to remind Woods of that fact. Woods then stepped up to Sesay and began talking trash for a few seconds before throwing a punch aimed directly at Sesay's face. However, even Woods couldn't get his fist through the metal facemask and a brawl ensued that had coaches and players alike pulling apart Red Raiders to help restore order.


Offensive player of the day: Graham Harrell

Catch of the day: Tramain Swindall/Austin Zouzalik

Defensive player of the day: Brian Duncan

Defensive play of the day: Brian Duncan intercepting a pass during team drills and running back for what would have been a defensive touchdown.

Quote of the day: "If you ever forget my number, just look at the Heinz ketchup bottle." Linebacker Brian Duncan to a four-year-old fan who asked him what his number was.

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