T-Minus 15 and Counting

The Texas Tech Red Raiders spent their time split between the practice fields and Jones AT&T stadium. It was a day in which the offense and defense had a heated battle and showed just what they're made of. Come inside for the RaiderPower August 15th practice report.

News & Notes

Texas Tech Head Coach Mike Leach was not pleased with his receivers during one-on-one drills and made his displeasure known. This had the desired effect and the receivers began playing significantly better.

Julius Howard has really turned up his level of intensity during the last few practices. Howard had an interception that would have been easily returned for a touchdown had it been in a real game situation.

Baron Batch continues to have tremendous practices and is going to force his way onto the field if he can keep this pace uo.

Graham Harrell had a sharp day today and showed off some serious zip on his passes.

Rylan Reed was back in practice today and looked sharp at left tackle. While it is hoped he'll be able to play as many snaps as he did last year, Chris Olson has looked good as the back-up left tackle.

Brandon Sesay showed a side of himself that was not very conducive to team-building during practice. Sesay got into it with several members of the starting defense, including Marlon Williams. Williams fired back, and it appeared that it would escalate until defensive coordinator Ruffin McNeil put an end to it with a firm talking to.

Defensive ends Coach Charlie Saddler then spoke with Sesay and seemed to have him calmed down. It appears that Sesay has finally "hit the wall," as most junior college players do when they are adjusting to the speed of Division 1 football. This is something that is worth watching and it certainly will be in the next week.

• The offensive line continues to excel, with both the starters and back-ups providing great time for the quarterbacks and significantly improved run blocking. As earlier alluded to, Mickey Okafor is spending his time at right tackle while Chris Olson works at left tackle. Olson has played both tackle/guard spots on the line and is as versatile as former Tech offensive linemen E.J. Whitley.

Daniel Howard was playing as the "joker" (stand-up defensive end) and recorded what certainly would have been a sack against Seth Doege. Brandon Williams later decked Doege while he was running an option and showed off some of the new "physicality" that Coach McNeill is always talking about.

Daniel Charbonnet had a decent, though not outstanding day of practice. Charbonnet has to be the best player from a technical standpoint because he lacks true blazing speed.

Lonnie Edwards had a strong day playing at left guard and looks to be the next in a strong line of left guards for the Red Raiders.

Donnie Carona drilled his 48 yard field goal while Cory Fowler missed his wide left.

Brandon Sharpe had a difficult time as the left defensive end backing up Jake Ratliff during practice. Sharpe is one of the most athletically talented players on the field but struggles greatly when it comes the technical aspect of the position.

• Worth noting, the defense is now a no-huddle group using signals exclusively. This is a reaction to the 40-second play clock and to help prevent any issues with getting the play into the defense should the offense also decide to go no huddle.


Offensive player of the day: Baron Batch

Catch of the day: A great catch by Adrian Reese in the Northwest Corner of Jones AT&T stadium.

Defensive player of the day: Daniel Howard

Defensive play of the day: Julius Howard's interception return for a touchdown.

Quote of the day: "Isn't this easy when we work on it? I'm not mad, not yelling at you, my blood-pressure's down." Ruffin McNeil after working on a particular technical aspect of playing linebacker with Julius Howard.

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