Breath of Fresh Air

The Texas Tech Red Raiders practiced on one of the most pleasant days of the fall practice session with clouds blocking out the sun for most of practice and a refreshing breeze blowing the entire afternoon. The last practice before a day off Monday, the Red Raiders were once again working hard to prepare for kickoff. Come inside for all the details.

News & Notes

Shannon Woods, Aaron Crawford, and Baron Batch appear to be coming into a photo finish for the starting running back job. While it seems likely that Woods will regain his starting position, Crawford and Batch would provide intriguing possibilities for the back-up snaps available during the long course of the season.

• The starting offensive line looked sharp as did the back-ups today, though they didn't scrimmage the first team defense during practice.

Texas Tech
The scout team defense drew the ire of Coach Leach Sunday.
Texas Tech Head Coach Mike Leach continues to find faults with both his scout team defense and with his second team offense. Leach actually had both his scout defense and second team offense doing up-downs because he felt they weren't able to do exactly what he wanted them to.

• As RaiderPower reported earlier last week, Brandon Sesay again saw time at defensive tackle today. It appears that he could be a Dek Bake-type player who could offer 15 or 20 strong plays a game as either an end or tackle. Sesay also worked with the second team at left defensive end.

• Brandon Sesay also provided one of the lighter moments of any practice to date. While several of the defensive players "jumped" Michael Crabtree his fellow receiver Eric Morris came to his rescue. Sesay then picked Eric Morris up and threw him over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes… With one arm, that is.

Detron Lewis took the day off, resting what appeared to be a minor injury which allowed Tramain Swindall to work extensively with the starting offensive unit.

• While not necessarily a note of performance in practice, freshmen offensive linemenJoe King, Terry McDaniel, and Deveric Gallington seem to have adjusted well to the rigors of Division 1 football. They are always in a good mood and Gallington is smiling almost non-stop. He also moves well for a man well North of 300 pounds.

Daniel Howard saw time with the second team defense, primarily at right defensive end, as Sandy Riley went to left end and Sesay to defensive tackle.

• There were two diving interceptions in practice, with both Daniel Charbonnet and Lance Fuller pulling one down.

Donnie Carona and Cory Fowler both hit their field goals to end practice today.

Texas Tech
QB Graham Harrell fakes a handoff to WR Edward Britton.
• It seems that Brandon Sharpe may be dropping out of contention for the number two left defensive end position. Sharpe spent the majority of his time with the scout team during today's practice.

• The defense continues to work off of signals exclusively, and there is a minimal amount of discussion between players and coaches, other than defensive coordinator Ruffin McNeill reminding them to look for the signal.


Offensive player of the day: Michael Crabtree

Catch of the day: Tramain Swindall into the end zone.

Defensive player of the day: Brandon Sesay

Defensive play of the day: Sandy Riley tackling freshman running back Harrison Jeffers several times in the backfield during practice.

Quote of the day: "Run and hit, run and hit, run and hit. That's what we can do, now do it." Defensive Coordinator Ruffin McNeil.

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