Stepping Up

After a day off, the Texas Tech Red once again hit the practice field Tuesday afternoon. What appeared to be a routine day of practice turned into much more than that as several young players made big impressions, and Mike Leach felt it necessary to hand-out a little "motivation". Come inside for the RaiderPower August 19th practice report.

News & Notes

Texas Tech Head Coach Mike Leach might be regarded by some as a coach who lets his players get away with a lot, but that certainly wasn't the case today, as he had the offense doing up-downs because of the lack of focus and attention to detail. It appears that that scout team defense got the message and they put forth a much stronger effort today than in the past.

Brandon Sesay and McKinner Dixon both worked inside as defensive tackles in different defensive packages during practice. Sesay worked with Chris Perry as the number two behind RaJon Henley, while Dixon was the second tackle in the dime defense. Both Sesay and Dixon have good moves playing inside, and Dixon showcased a killer spin move that had the offense spinning before all was said and done.

Shannon Woods took snaps with the second team today, though it appears that the coaching staff was doing this more to give the back-up offense practice than to punish Woods in any way.

• Linebacker Brian Duncan was not only the defensive leader of the day but he was also dolling out awards, calling Blake Collier "[the] best linebacker of the day."

Marcus Bunton and Lyle Leong found themselves working with the scout team today, though it didn't stop Leong from making an absolutely amazing one-handed catch against the 3rd team defense during the team portion of practice.

Pete Richardson, LaRon Moore, and Brent Nickerson all had strong practices today. Moore spent the majority of his time with the first team after L.A. Reed left with an apparent injury to his right knee. Moore looked a little lost early, but after a little "ruff love" he played well throughout the rest of practice.

Joe King had a tough day as did fellow offensive lineman Terry McDaniel. King was hit with what would have been a false-start penalty during practice, while McDaniel was completely beaten off of the edge by Sandy Riley.

• Speaking of Sandy Riley, he recorded the first "true" sack of Fall practice as quarterbacks Stephen Sheffield and Seth Doege were clad in the red scout team jerseys and not the blue "don't hit me" jerseys. Riley got around Terry McDaniel and delivered one of the first good hits that Doege has felt in several years.

Jamar Wall and Anthony Hines both notched interceptions during today's practice, as did fellow defensive back Jordy Rowland.

Donnie Carona and Cory Fowler both hit their field goals to end practice today.

David Neill, playing primarily with the scout team, had a brilliant day stuffing the run against the number one and two offensive units. He may find his way onto the field sooner than expected.

• Jordy Rowland continues to sport a shield inside of his facemask after being accidentally poked sharply in the eye by Aaron Crawford late last week.


Offensive player of the day: Tramain Swindall

Catch of the day: Lyle Leong catching a ball in double coverage.

Defensive player of the day: Blake Collier

Defensive play of the day: Tie between Sandy Riley's sack and Anthony Hines interception.

Quote of the day: "Alright, it's 3rd and medium. 3rd and medium…." Head Coach Mike Leach, inventing a new distance for his offense to practice on during the team portion of drills.

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