White Noise

The Texas Tech Red Raiders had their last day of open practice at Jones AT&T stadium and spent the day working without shoulder pads. With one of the players expected to contribute heavily this season out resting, two of the younger players against worked at attempting to lock down the open position. Come inside for the RaiderPower August 21st practice report.

News & Notes

• Today it wasn't Texas Tech Head Coach Mike Leach who had his players doing up-downs but special teams coach Clay McGuire. McGuire, who also runs the scout team offense, sent his unit into up-downs because of an inability to follow instructions. The scout team has spent the last few days running plays that mirror those of Eastern Washington, including lots of motion options and roll-out passes.

Brandon Sesay had a strong day once again and got to show his straight line acceleration as he chased down scout team quarterback Steven Sheffield.

Aaron Crawford and Shannon Woods continue to take the majority of the reps with the first team. It appears that Baron Batch is no longer in contention for the starting spot, though this isn't written in stone.

• Cornerback Jamar Wall had another good day of practice, while LaRon Moore and Brent Nickerson worked at right cornerback. De'Shon Sanders had been working with the second team at left cornerback and looks significantly better than he has all fall.

Taylor Charbonnet was working as the second gunner on punt returns behind Blake Collier on the right, while De'Shon Sanders was the starter at left gunner.

• Coach McGuire, the previously alluded to special teams coach, has a knack for details and had the linebackers who form the front two lines of the kickoff return formation working on fielding kicks before practice started today.

Chris Perry looked good today, though practice was without pads. Perry won't be counted on to start right out of the gate, but he should certainly be capable of playing 20-30 plays during a game if needed.

Sandy Riley had another strong day of practice while Daniel Howard dropped into pass coverage as the "joker" defensive end/linebacker position.

Darcel McBath continues to excel at safety and is one of the leaders in the defense. He and Daniel Charbonnet are a talented safety tandem with neither afraid to ask Coach Carlos Mainord about a certain play or call they are supposed to make.

Donnie Carona kicked the tar out of his kick to end practice today as it sailed easily through the uprights. Cory Fowler wasn't able to hit his as his kick went wide right.

• Jordy Rowland is working as a linebacker in the Red Raiders dime defensive packages and doing a good job from that position. Rowland is an intriguing player in that position and could be a surprise contributor this season.

• Deafening noise, including recordings of the Going Band and crowd from some point last season, was played during today's practice to force both the offensive and defensive players communicate using only hand signals.


Offensive player of the day: Graham Harrell

Catch of the day: Jamar Wall catching a punt during special teams practice.

Defensive player of the day: Anthony Hines

Defensive play of the day: Julius Howard intercepting a pass that would have gone for a touchdown.

Quote of the day: None applicable, loud noise was pumped into the stadium to simulate game-day conditions.

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