Non-Conference Grades

As the bye-week progresses, RaiderPower brings you the second of the Pre-Conference grades by position, this time focusing on a position that was more of a question than many throughout the country thought that it would be. Come inside as RaiderPower Football Analyst Mitchell Fish grades the performance of the quarterbacks during the pre-conference games.


Graham Harrell didn't play the way that many expected throughout the pre-conference portion of Texas Tech's season. While Harrell did throw for 1,573 yards and 12 touchdowns, he also threw 3 interceptions and had the first game of his career with below a 50% completion rate at Nevada.

Harrell struggled at times finding the open receiver and has had significant difficulty in hitting receivers down the field. It has seemed, at times, as if Harrell was being greedy looking for the deep pass instead of throwing the ball to the receiver open underneath.

However, he did show signs of being the same effective and efficient passer against UMass with lots of underneath throws and solid distribution of the ball.

Taylor Potts, who only saw the field against SMU and UMass looked good at times, though at other times he looked like a sophomore. Todd Walker didn't help Potts any by dropping more than one catchable pass during those games, but Potts is getting experience that will be very valuable in the years to come.

Grade: B

Harrell set the bar to high for himself during the 2007 season to receiver a grade any higher than this. While he was at times effective, he'll have to do a much better job if he wants to lead the Red Raiders to the season that the fans have been hoping for.

Though his performance certainly wasn't terrible, there is room for improvement and a need for much greater consistency from Harrell.

Potts looked good in limited duty against SMU, though he had a tougher time of it against UMass.

Overall, the Tech quarterbacks have things that need to be improved heading into the game against Kansas State this coming week, or else it could be a long season for those who wear red and black.

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