Texas Tech Nebraska Preview

The Texas Tech Red Raiders take on the Nebraska Cornhuskers Saturday at Jones AT&T stadium in Lubbock Texas. The Huskers roll into town on a two game losing streak, including a demoralizing loss at home to Missouri, are looking for payback for the last visit to Lubbock which found them on the wrong side of a 70-10 final score. Come inside as football analyst Mitchell Fish breaks down the game.

When Nebraska has the ball:

The plan for the Texas Tech defense will be similar this week to what it was last week, make the quarterback beat you through the air. While Joe Ganz has looked good at times, he often tries to do to much with the ball in his hands and makes careless throws or takes huge losses on Sacks.

Look for the Tech defense to plug the middle, though with Rajon Henley questionable it may be a more difficult proposition than last Saturday. Richard "The Untamed Beat" Jones played well with Henley out as did Brandon Sesay. McKinner Dixon is another option to step into the starting line-up should Henley not be able to go.

The Raiders will probably spend less time in their Jet defensive package this week, primarily because of Nebraska's tendency to run the football. Brian Duncan, Bront Bird, and Marlon Williams will all be called upon to help stuff the run, especially when Marlon Lucky is in the backfield.

Lucky played against Tech in 2005 and was effective at times, as was Nate Swift (20 rec., 304 yds., 3 td's through 5 games in 08). Nebraska has also found a reliable target in Todd Peterson, a 6-4 215 pound senior, who is a one-time walk-on player.

Jamar Wall will probably find himself across from Swift while LA Reed or Brent Nickerson would probably be matched up against Peterson. It is important to note, however, that Tech has left and right corners and they don't (or haven't to this point) intentionally matched up with one player in particular.

When Tech has the ball:

Tech should be able to exploit Nebraska either on the ground or through the air. One need look only back a week to the Husker's futile efforts against Mizzou to see that they aren't in a particularly good position to stop either the run or the pass at the present time.

Nebraska has 11 sacks on the year, certainly not what is expected from a group that had a tremendous reputation in the not so distant future.

Nebraska is giving-up an average of 248 yards passing, expect Tech to have at least 200 more yards than that if not double it straight up. Nebraska tried a multiple look defense (and multiple look refers to 3 defensive linemen with 1 linebacker, 4-3 defense, 3-4, 4-2-5, and others) along with blitzes across the board. The Tigers had no issues picking up Nebraska's blitzes and there is no reason to expect the Raiders to have any issue with it either.

Perhaps the most important thing is that Graham Harrell have another strong game, as he did against K-State, and distribute the ball effectively without trying to force it down the field into coverage.

What will happen:

Tech should beat Nebraska handedly, though it wouldn't be unsurprising if the game followed a similar script to last weeks 58-28 win over Kansas State. A fast start with a few struggles early and then accelerating away as the game wears on.

Nebraska may be able to score a few points, but they lack the offensive execution to hang with the Raiders if Tech doesn't stop themselves.

Stat to watch

Last time Tech played Nebraska in Lubbock, the Raiders had 5 interceptions. While it is unlikely that Tech will have that many interceptions again, it should be interesting to see what Ganz does should Nebraska get behind big early.

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